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Aromatherapy Lavender Oils

Updated on January 13, 2016


Extraction of Lavender Oils

Lavender essential oils are among the most common essential oils used in aromatherapy. It is both mild and yet powerful enough to produce a healing action, whether physical and emotional conditions. This volatile oil is derived from an evergreen shrub, which comes with pale green leaves and violet flowers. During summer season, this plant blooms fragrant flowers that come with narrow leaves. This botanical plant is native in the Mediterranean region, as well as in various parts of Europe such as France, Bulgaria, and England. Today, it is widely cultivated all throughout the world including the United States, Australia, and for the most part of Europe.

The violet flowers are utilized during the extraction of the essential oils for aromatherapy due to its extreme natural fragrance. The produced oil comes with a light, sweet aroma that is delicate yet powerful at the same time. It also comes with various useful properties that have made lavender oil a common oil to use for a wide range of medicinal purposes. Some of its most important properties include antiseptic, antidepressant, balancing, relaxing, calming, antitoxic, decongestant, anticonvulsive, deodorant, and stimulant. Hence, it is no wonder why lavender oil is used in aromatherapy for a wide range of application and as natural cure for several types of ailments.

Using Lavender Essential Oil in Massage

Uses of Lavender Oil in Aromatherapy

Lavender-based aromatherapy is quite popularly known since it can be used for all skin types and all ages without suffering from severe side effects. Lavender oil is also gifted with calming and sweet fragrance, which explains why it is as popular in the perfumery industry. But its medicinal properties are much celebrated such that it provides a great way to heal naturally. In fact, it has undergone massive clinical trials and research in an effort to identify what other properties can be utilized for treatment of various conditions.


Below are just some of the conditions that lavender oil has been identified to treat.


The calming and relaxing scent emitted by lavender oil has been utilized for a wide range of purposes in aromatherapy. Recent studies have also shown that it can serve as an anti-anxiety agent, which makes it ideal for treating anxiety attacks and panic. There are several methods for you to acquire the relaxing properties of the oil and utilize it as a natural anxiety treatment.

To create a lavender massage to treat anxiety, you can combine appropriate amount of lavender oil with carrier oil such as pecan or almond. Then, gently massage the oil on various parts of the body while concentrating on the back and shoulders. During massage, you must attempt to release all sources of tension in your body and devour the delicate scent released by the oil.

You can also add lavender oil into your bath for a more pampering yet equally relaxing aromatherapy application. Add about 6 drops of lavender oil into your warm bath water and soak in it for several minutes or as long as you like. You can also try the vapor process to calm your nervous system. To prepare this, simply add lavender essential oil into a basin filled with steaming water. Drape a towel over your head while you keep your head on top of the basin to acquire all of the steam. This should effectively cure your anxiety problems and soothe your nervous system.



When an individual is suffering from a great deal of anxiety or emotional and physical stress, it impacts your ability to get good quality sleep at night. Hence, it inevitability leads to sleeping disorders such as insomnia. Lavender oil contains sedative properties that make it effective against stress-induced insomnia. A research study was also conducted in an effort to support the extensive claim that lavender oil is one of the most effective home remedies against insomnia and the results show that there is indeed a significant improvement on the participants' sleeping patterns after four weeks of using lavender oil.

To use lavender oil to cure insomnia, you can massage it onto your body or add into your bath water. It is highly recommended that you perform the application of lavender oil a few hours before bedtime so you can experience optimum results.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is basically a condition that is characterized by extensive hair loss, often in patches. The cause for this condition is not yet exactly known, but lavender oil has been pointed as one of the best natural remedy to cure this condition. Some health experts would suggest combining lavender oil with other essential oils known to stimulate hair growth for better results.

To use lavender oil in making your natural hair tonic, add the essential oil into a bowl. Some of the suggested essential oils you can blend in include thyme, rosemary and cedarwood. You must also add in carrier oil into the mixture to avoid irritating your scalp. Stir the oils completely and use an eyedropper to apply the hair tonic into your hair and scalp. Massage the natural hair tonic all over your hair and scalp, while concentrating on the bald patches in your hair. Leave it on your hair for a few minutes or you can let it sit overnight. Regular use of lavender oil as natural hair tonic will significantly promote hair regrowth and bring back your hair's vitality.

A Bowl of Lavender Essential Oil

Other Uses

To learn more about what other uses can be made out of lavender essential oil in aromatherapy, check out below:

  • Lavender essential oil contains balancing properties, which makes it ideal for treating any sort of imbalances in your body and its health system. Hence, lavender oil makes an excellent choice of essential oil to use in treating asthma, hay fever, and flu.
  • Lavender oil serves as a natural pain reliever that enables you to manage various conditions such as rheumatism, painful menstruation, nausea, upset stomach, and muscle sprains.
  • Lavender oil contains wonderful properties that promote better looking skin due to its ability to promote skin cell growth. Meanwhile, its antiseptic properties can cure minor burns and sunburns. It can also cure other skin conditions such as eczema or those with dry and scaly skin lesions.
  • Lavender oil is widely used in making tonic inhalation for aromatherapy that would treat such conditions as headaches, exhaustion, and nervous disorders.

YouTube Videos on Lavender Oils

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