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Aromatherapy Candles To Lift Your Mood

Updated on October 5, 2014

Aromatherapy candles

Everyone experiences moments when nothing seems to be good and concentration becomes a far cry. Many try to find a way to escape that feeling by indulging in different vices such as smoking or drugs and alcohol, whereas there are many people who find solace in watching a movie, shopping or having an ice cream to lift their mood. Unfortunately, most of these remedies are short-lived, and often makes you feel all the more tired of life. In contrast, aromatherapy candles are considered to be effective, in lifting depression. The fragrance really refreshes your mind and lifts your spirits, which eventually benefits your body.

Aromatherapy candles contain essential oils

Simply light up an aromatherapy candle and you will find the scent working instantly, to relieve you of your tensions. These scents are a good therapy to combat depression, besides spreading a soothing fragrance in throughout your room. Similar to aromatherapy products, aromatherapy candles contain essential oils, which are mixed with other natural ingredients. Essential oils are obtained from plant's essence that is extracted through a process of steam distillation. Most of the aromatherapy candles are made with hand poured essential oils and organic soy waxes. When you light these candles, it transports you to complete tranquility. In order to enhance your mood, you need to choose the right kind of scent, within the prescribed treatment.

Aromatherapy candles contain several essential oils, which work wonders for a number of ailments including depression and many other problems. There are more than 100 oils that are used in aromatherapy candles. Lavender and rosemary are very popular in reducing stress and anxiety. Besides lavender and rosemary, jasmine essential oils are also considered to be very useful in fighting depression.

Know your aroma products

Essential oils to lift your mood:

  • Jasmine essential oil: It is a commonly used essential oil used to make aromatherapy candles. Aromatherapy candles with jasmine essential oils are used as anti-depressants, aphrodisiacs and stimulants. It can also help in treating coughs, irritated skin and laryngitis.
  • Lavender essential oil: Lavender essential oil helps to reduce tension, anxiety and depression. Besides, lavender aromatherapy candles also help to fight the effects of insomnia and enable you to sleep properly. In addition, lavender essential oils in aromatherapy candles help reduce emotional conflict and indecisiveness.
  • Oregano essential oil: It helps improve the immune system and combat allergies. It works wonders for people suffering from cold, asthma, bronchitis and sore throat. Oregano aromatherapy candles can also be used to get relief from indigestion and diarrhea symptoms.
  • Rosemary essential oils: Rosemary is considered to be both, a mental as well as physical stimulant. The fragrance of Rosemary aromatherapy candles help lighten your mood and combat mental fatigue and stress. It also helps relieve depression and sharpen your senses. Research suggests aromatherapy candles with rosemary can also enhance memory power.
  • Bergamot essential oil: This oil is one of the main essential oils used in aromatherapy candles. It is very popular among women, as it helps in regulating the menstrual cycle and in relieving symptoms of PMS.

Aromatherapy Comments

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    7 years ago

    essential oil is the best to relax our think from daily activities

  • profile image

    Earle @ Oregano Essential Oil 

    8 years ago

    Oregano Essential Oil is an effective salve for insect bites. You should try a combination of Oregano oil and Lemon grass oil to help ward off mosquitoes


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