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Arthritis- Home Cures For Arthritis

Updated on May 19, 2013

Home Cures

When it comes to arthritis, home cures for arthritis are always being sought.

There are so many natural remedies known to help arthritis, and they are becoming increasingly popular, as opposed to medicinal remedies.

A lot of them are quite well-known, but here I have comprised a list of lesser-known, but no less helpful remedies. They can all be used alongside the regular suggestions of fruit, veg, and herbs, but some of these may be harder to find.

Medicinal Herbs

Home cures
Home cures

Natural Remedies

Glucosamine sulphate.

This is found naturally in joints when they are healthy, where it works repairing and maintaining cartilage. In cases of arthritis, this chemical is lacking, so replacing it is obviously helpful.

Madar Leaf

Madar leaf, from India, if you can find it, can be spread with warm mustard oil, and placed over the sore joint. They can be left in place for several hours, for continuous relief from pain.

Fresh walnuts and coconut are both excellent in helping battle arthritic pain. Best eaten on an empty stomach.

An unproven, but often mentioned remedy, is gin with sultanas. I don't know personally if this is a good remedy, or just the alcohol helping to " feel no pain" !!! But I'm told it does work.

Supposed to be taken as follows:

Line up three shot glasses. Put in some sultanas, about 1/3 glass, and just cover them with gin. Leave to stand for two or three days until all the gin is absorbed by the fruit.

Eat one glassful each day, refilling the empty glass, and putting it on the back end of the line to soak. Usually only three or four days is needed, but if you like it, who says you can't carry on?!


Can be taken as an infusion; one ounce of alfalfa to one quart of water. Boil for half an hour, then strain. Drink this amount through the course of the day. Continue this for 2 to 3 weeks then stop for a week or so, before starting again if you want to.

The alfalfa infusion is one of the best home cures for arthritis as it is rich in minerals, but it is not recommended to take alfalfa in any other form, as it contains an amino acid which can cause joint pain itself.


This is a very old folk medicine herb, and can be used to treat arthritis. Its western variety has 12 anti-inflammatory properties, 10 antispasmodic, and five pain relievers. Chinese Angelica serves the same purpose, usually sold with the name 'dang gui'

one tablespoon of the Angelica root, chopped and boiled in 1 pint of water for two minutes, then covered, away from the heat and left to stand until cooled. Strain and keep the liquid, take three times a day for 2 to 3 weeks. Take a break for a week or so before starting again

Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) has anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory properties, and when added to a bath, will be absorbed through the skin; to help circulation and reduce swelling. 2 cups of Epsom salts to a bath, soak for 30 minutes in the water as hot as you can bear. You can use this daily (unless you are pregnant, or have heart problems, when hot baths are not advised).


A centuries-old cure for arthritis, should be taken in doses of 250 mg once or twice a day. It has been claimed that this herb is a better anti-inflammatory than a lot of available drugs.

As a healing, soothing massage oil for painful areas:

mix five drops essential oil of ginger with 20 drops of almond oil Do not ingest! But massage gently where painful.

Whatever your needs, there are a vast range of natural remedies to ease the pain and suffering of arthritis. Ask at any good health store, you shouldn't have problems finding even the items you've never heard of.


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