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Astaxanthin Dr. Oz Show - Health Benefits of New Vitamin

Updated on April 26, 2012

Dr. Oz introduces astaxanthin on his show

The recent astaxanthin Dr. Oz show definitely got the attention of many viewers. This health supplement was praised by Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Oz, who even compared it to being "the next vitamin D." It's considered one of the "most potent natural anti-inflammatory" vitamins that is known right now.

On this webpage resource, we'll provide you with more information on astaxanthin, what its health benefits are, and where you can buy this vitamin supplement online to add to your daily diet!

(Disclaimer: This page is not affiliated with "The Dr. Oz Show." We recommend all individuals consult with their physician before adding in new dietary supplements that could cause side effects or interfere with other medications, etc.)

Bioastin Product
Bioastin Product

What is Astaxanthin?

Vitamin or Supplement

Astaxanthin, which was discussed on "The Dr. Oz Show," has been praised as a very effective anti-inflammatory supplement, which some experts believe slows aging and even prevents certain disease.

This supplement is a cousin to beta carrotene, but is much more potent. It's derived from a marine algae, which is responsible for the coloring of salmon, and for turning flamingos pink.

Dr. Joseph Mercola has praised the supplement, noting that it is one of a select few he takes as part of his daily vitamin regimen.

Astaxanthin Health Benefits & Dosage

First and foremost, this is a great anti-inflammatory supplement, which helps prevent colds and other health issues including diseases. The astaxanthin supplement can also help prevent cateracts and improve athletic performance. Dr. Mercola suggested that the promise of this supplement could be similar to that of Vitamin D.

Benefits of taking this supplement can include supporting healthy immune function, supporting a healthier cardiovascular system, healthier skin, increased energy levels and potential for anti-aging through cellular health.

The right dose to take is about 10 milligrams a day as recommended by Dr. Joseph Mercola on Dr. Oz's show. Dr. Mercola also recommended taking the supplement with a meal containing a decent amount of fat, saying that taking this on an empty stomach might not be as effective.

View Case of Bioastin Bottles Price
View Case of Bioastin Bottles Price

Where can you buy Astaxanthin?

The astaxanthin supplement can be purchased online through various vendors, including The web retailer offers a variety of different brands of the product including Bioastin, Bluebonnet (a vegetarian based product), Solgar, Source Naturals, and Vitamin Shoppe.

Dr. Oz and his special guest did not recommend one particular brand, but all of these are similar in nature. It's best to consult the product information labels, ingredients, and dosage recommendations for more information.

See all astaxanthnin available for sale here

Dr Oz Astaxanthin Video Clip

Watch this video clip from "The Dr. Oz Show" where he and his guest, Dr. Joseph Mercola, discuss the health benefits of astaxanthin supplement!

Do you currently take astaxanthin as part of your daily dietary supplements? Have you noticed any special benefits as a result of taking this supplement praised by Dr. Oz? Let us know your astaxanthin reviews and feedback below!

Astaxanthin Reviews and Feedback

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      How does Astaxanthin compare to fish oil? That's basically what I've been using for many years, and it definitely has helped me reduce inflammation and improved my recovery time from workouts.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I found a great site that talks about dr. oz vitamins they even sell the vitamins which makes it easy to find one I was looking for.


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