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The Best Ways For Athletes To Workout On The Paleo Diet

Updated on April 12, 2016

The four fundamental principles of the paleo diet are eating, anxiety elimination, getting high quality sleep and plenty of caveman style physical exercise. However, what was a paleolithic workout and exactly how could we follow it in a modern world and subsequently gain from its many advantages. Let us take into account what cavemen would have done during their day.

The Paleo Fitness Pyramid

Straight off I would assume there were no cavemen (or cavewomen for that matter) who set out with the intention to exercise. Opting to exercise for health, wellbeing and weight management is a modern-day concept, paleolithic peoples didn’t exercise, they just lived energetic lives which naturally included lots of movement with quick bursts of high energy discharge. In other words they walked when moving from A to B, perhaps a vigorous walk yet not power walking (which would certainly leave you excessively exhausted and unable to effectively run from danger if the need came up), they were working accumulating food and they also hunted. The pursuant face of the hunter gatherer lifestyle saw them needing to be extremely busy for a short amount of time. Regardless of what they were tracking the chances are it was going to be moving fast (or fighting back), so they also have to move quickly (or fight). But it would certainly be exhausting work (and this is vital) which would certainly be followed by a period of rest and perhaps by enjoying the fruits of their work, like consuming exactly what they had just hunted down.

Paleo Exercise in Modern Life

No Longer Do We Hunt To Eat

In this day and age it’s just not realistic to use exactly the same strategies in our own personal workout regimes. Most of us do not walk where ever we go (especially if you live in the suburbs and are employed in the city) plus, we definitely do not have to hunt for our food or track and kill for our meat. That said though, by duplicating, at the very least, just some of the concepts of caveman physical exercise we can achieve the very best out of each minute we invest in working out.

The modern approach is that by means of long slow-moving cardio workouts you will certainly drop weight and improve your health. Now though, I do not contest the fact that physical activity of any sorts would generally assist you to burn calories, tone up and (at the very least in the short term) lead to some level of weight reduction, but if this were a reasonable long term remedy, why are there so many over weight individuals in the western world? (ironically no end of them with fitness center memberships).

The mainstream modern workout concept is missing two significant factors. To start with, without appropriate quantities of rest and revival after activity your physical body will not release the right bodily hormones required for fat burning. As well as, second of all, that if you turn physical exercise in to work (and lets us face it 2 hours at the gym carrying out long slow cardio is actually work) you won’t stick with it.

To get your physical body to introduce the appropriate bodily hormones for fat burning you have to be living and exercising in a way that sends it the appropriate indicators. This entails 4 main principles.

1. Keep yourself busy (but not overly active).

2. Train approximately three instances a week using short spurts of high impact training and a combination of lifting and slow movement (for around 15 minutes in total).

3. Relax and recovery.

4. Consume high protein food after any high impact work out routines.

Find the Complete The Paleo Diet Food List here


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