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Definition, meaning and power of ATTITUDE (more than 15 tips)

Updated on August 22, 2015

Positive Attitude Makes Life Better



Your attitude determines what kind of life you are going to have. Your attitude can either make you happy or miserable. It can make you poor or rich, healthy or sick, intelligent or foolish, satisfied or discontent. I can continue with the list, but my point is not about the exact number of things attitude can do for you, but what attitude is, how it is formed, changed, developed, perfected and practiced in daily life.

Where Is Our Belief System Bringing Us?

I firmly believe that we are what we believe we are. I likewise believe that we human beings are not only flesh and blood, but spirit, soul and body. What we see with our physical eyes is only a tiny fraction of reality. The true reality is hidden from physical eyes and is only accessible to those who learn to look through the eyes of faith. If we only understand that there is much more to life than we see we will make our first step towards understanding the invisible reality. God almighty formed us according to His image and likeness. Most Christians stress the power of God’s word in creation of the worlds. I wonder if we really understand that anything God said He believed it. That is the essence of his Being. He believes what He says. Do we? Not often. However, we are still created in His likeness that is why we also live by faith like He does. But what kind of faith we live by. A doubt is also some sort of belief but a perverted one. Most people believe what they doubt and fear. If they doubt God’s goodness, it means they believe God is bad towards them. That is what I mean by saying that doubting is also perverted believing. Through life we collect our beliefs and form our belief system. That belief system is our attitude to everything around, above and under us. When that belief system is formed we speak and behave accordingly. And finally we have results which usually reflect our belief system – attitude to life. So if you form a wrong attitude to life you will definitely get what you do not want to get, although you will get what you expect to get. We cannot help it. God made it that way. You get what you believe. That is why your attitude is so important. The problem you are looking at is not as important as your attitude to that problem is. There is not hopeless situation in life; there are only people who lost hope because of situations that seem hopeless. I hope you see the importance of attitude now. I believe that we as human beings are sinful and need God’s mercy, but I also firmly believe that we have been given a choice to live by what we believe and have whatever lives we want to have.

How Are Our Attitudes Formed?

We form our attitudes through words that we hear, images that we form in our minds, experiences that we have, materials that we read and programs that we watch. Whatever information we accept as ours it really becomes part of us and our worldview. Then our worldview rules our lives and directs us accordingly. If you accept what you hear, that particular information becomes yours, part of you, and part of how you look at certain aspect of life. In life that part is strengthened by adequate experiences which make the primary acceptance even stronger and your attitude deeper and more solid. If our experiences, positive and negative are followed by strong emotions our attitudes are formed very fast. If your father told you negative things and repeated them when you really failed, I guess these kind of experiences were followed by strong negative feelings and established your negative experience as a future pattern in your mind for more negative experiences and failures. And vice versa, if we hear positive words from the people who are close to us and our successes are noticed and praised, we get absolutely different perspective in our minds about ourselves and what we might expect in the future.

Results Of Negative And Bad Attitude

You can easily guess that negative and bad attitudes produce negative and bad results. People are unhappy and behave the way they behave not because they are forced to do so, but because they choose to. Some say that life has been unfair to them. Nothing can be further from the truth. Life can neither be fair, nor unfair. It is neutral. It is how you perceive life pushes your life into one direction or another. There are a few important principles in life that simply work and it does not matter whether you like them or not. One of them is:”Like attracts like”. Negative thoughts and expectations attract what we expect. It does not matter if we want something different. We get what we focus on, expect, think about, concentrate, believe and not what we want. If you want to get what you want and not what you fear or dislike you need to think about changing your attitude through changing your thoughts, then reactions to what happens around you and finally your feelings. Character is not something that comes by accident or genes. I do not believe it. If it were, some would be doomed to be losers and others winners without any efforts on behalf of those people. We form our characters and we ‘reform’ them. If you do not like the way you are and your weaknesses, you are not doomed to remain the person you are. You can change by changing your attitude. It will take time before you learn to think new thoughts, react to the same situations differently and form new type of feelings, but if you do this, one day you will be a completely different person and you will no longer have to blame yourself for this or that bad type of behavior because after the change in attitude your behavior will change. Do not try to change your behavior before changing your attitude because it will not have long term results. You will finally fall back into the same bad habits and style of living because you are what you are inside and not outside. Outside is only the reflection of your inside thoughts, attitudes and feelings. So, you need to change the roots and not try to trim the branches or leaves.

Results Of Positive And Good Attitude

I hope you can now clearly see that happiness as well as positive results in life comes through positive and good attitude. All people naturally pursue happiness. However, if you look around you will see multitude of unhappy people. Maybe you feel unhappy too. Have you thought why? Is it an underpaid job, problems in relationship, things in your past that hurt you, or talents that you do not have, or maybe bad habits that are ruining your life? Sometimes we cannot change what happens to us, but we definitely can change our attitude towards those things. Finally, circumstances around us will change. Things, popularity, money, friends and etc. cannot and will not make us happy. It is our positive mental attitude towards everything and everybody that makes us feel happy or unhappy. You decide how you react when somebody says to you something negative. You might accept it personally and be depressed for a few days or you can smile it off and bless the person. You determine your next steps when you lose your job. Do you also lose hope? Or do you decide that now will have even better opportunities and maybe start your own business and gain financial freedom by becoming your own boss. Attitude is everything. As you pursue positive attitude development you will notice ‘miracles’ happening to you on a daily basis. The world around you will change. Why? I suppose you know the answer by now – you will change. Your good attitude will attract good things, people into your life, because like always attract like. Your good attitude and good thoughts make you good. And when this happens people with the same attitude will be attracted into your life.

Create Your Attitude Video

Attitude Change

I do not mean to say that changing attitudes is easy as they become our habits and it takes time to change a habit, but if you firmly hold on to what you want to achieve, you will definitely have it. It will become yours. Psychologists say that it takes from 2 weeks up to one month to form a new habit and drop off the old one. In practice I would say it could take more because forming a habit and keeping it are two different things. You have to be determined not to fall back to the old thinking patterns and reactions as time passes by. Spend time alone, preferably in the evening before going to bed and try to imagine your present situation you are in differently. See it differently in your mind. Say to yourself that what you see with your mind is real and permanent and the old things that are in life are just consequences and they are temporary. With the change of your attitude they will go away. Imagine yourself as a new person, think thoughts which that new person would think. Thoughts are powerful if you accept them and identify yourself with them. They have power to change you for good or for bad if you only stick to them for some period of time. Those new type of thoughts have to become part of you. They will bring new feelings. Finally, you will start seeing changes. Then stick to those thoughts and nothing will be able to make you unhappy or stop from achieving what you want. Good luck in changing your attitude.

Positive Attitude TIPS

1. Make friends with optimists. Friends influence each other and optimists friends will ‘infect’ you with their optimism.

2.Try to find the positive side in anything. When you face problems they usually carry many aspects with them. Try to see the bright, good, positive side of them.

3. Dwell only on positive thoughts and reject all negative thoughts. Although negative thoughts come on a daily basis, don’t concentrate on them.

4. When faced with a challenge try to remember how you were able to solve similar thing in the past. It will give you confidence that you can do it again.

5. Spend enough time for resting. A tired person very often experiences negative feelings and it is an obstacle to develop positive attitude.

6. Read books, magazines, articles on positive attitude on a daily basis and try to avoid all the negative stuff that comes through mass media. Close yourself to sources of negativity.

7. Do not give in to negative emotions. Cherish positive feelings. Feelings give power to thoughts. Be full of positive power.

8. Take care after your health. It is easier to develop a positive attitude for a healthy person, than for the one who is constantly ill.

9. Make a habit of saying positive affirmations every day. Create some positive phrases about those spheres of your life which you want to change and speak them out regularly. This will help you to stay on your way of developing a right attitude.

10. Learn how to visualize. Try to see your future through your spiritual eyes: imagination. Paint only positive pictures with this powerful tool. One day what you see with your spiritual eyes will manifest in the material life.

11. Take care after your self talk. Before we say something out loud we usually say it in our minds. Stop all the negative stuff right there and start saying positive things inside yourself before you say them aloud.

Attitude Quote Of The Day:

I am going to post one quote on attitude in this section every day.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine?" by Anthony J. D'Angelo.

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    • rolichius profile image

      rolichius 6 years ago from Vilnius

      Nice hub, Fibo. We really do need to change our attitude towards our life and think more positively. However our past negative experiences make it difficult. I'll just keep trying.

    • fibo777 profile image

      fibo777 6 years ago

      I quite agree with you. Experience is our problem in this case. But it will change as our thinking changes. Good luck.

    • profile image

      eshal 6 years ago

      attitude plays imp role in our life

    • fibo777 profile image

      fibo777 6 years ago

      Yes, it does. Thanks for the comment eshal.

    • Alice in Wonder profile image

      Alice in Wonder 6 years ago from South Texas

      You hit the nail with seeing through spirtual eyes. Makes a whole lot of sense. Thank You Kindly.

    • fibo777 profile image

      fibo777 6 years ago

      Thanks for the compliment Alice in Wonder.

    • profile image

      cristina  6 years ago

      can i know the condimental types of attitude

    • fibo777 profile image

      fibo777 6 years ago

      Not sure what condimental types of attitude are. But I will check it. Thanks for your comment cristina.

    • profile image

      www 5 years ago

      write something more pls, don't take me wrong. But, some valuable things!!! :D

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