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Audrina Patridge Workout and Diet Plan

Updated on February 13, 2013

Audrina Patridge-Following the Plan

It's always bikini season, if you live by the beach! So how does Audrina, the SoCal Native keep it together to stay two-piece ready all year long?

With a do-it anywhere plan taught by her personal trainer "Jarett DelBene", who is also known for keeping former "Hills" allum Lauren Conrad in shape. Simply follow her workout and diet plan and you will see results in just a matter of time!


The Body Box

Patridge is working up a Sweat 2-3 times a week with a routine that her personal trainer calls "Body Box". These are rounds of boxing combinations that include punches and kicks with circuits of body weight-only strength moves. You will burn a lot of calories since it is high intensity. Great to firm up! The great thing about the Body Box is that you can do these exercises anywhere, without any gear! So it is easier to stick to them.

Shadowbox 2-3 times a week (using a combination of kicks and punches), or jump rope for 3 minutes. Do 1 set of 20 reps for each move without resting. Increase the calorie burn by shadowboxing or jump roping for one minute between each set. Repeat the entire routine once or twice!

An Introduction to the Body Box using a Bar

An Introduction to Shadow Boxing

The Cat Raise


Get in Plank Position on your forearms, elbows under shoulders, with hands in fists and palms facing each other. Pull your abs in tight!


Lift your hips straight up! Hold for two counts, and then go back to your starting position and repeat.

Cross-Leg Lift


Lie with your face up with legs extended over hips and arms to your side, palms on the ground. Bend your right knee, crossing right leg over left thigh. Keeping your left leg straight, use your abs to lift your hips off the ground


Lower hips, then take your legs down to 45 degrees off the ground. Raise them to the starting position and repeat the entire move. Switch sides halfway through the set!

Compound Crunch


Lie face up with your hands behind your head, elbows out to the sides and legs extended to the ground. Lift your head and shoulder blades as you pull your knees towards your chest.


Lower your head and shoulder blades as you slowly extend your legs 45 degrees off the ground keeping abs super tight. Repeat the whole process.

Offset Bridge


Lie face up with your right knee bent, foot on the ground and left leg extended over your hip. Extend your arms to the side, palms to the ground.


Push through your right heel as you lift your hips until your body is aligned from shoulders to right knee. Lower your hips until they nearly touch the ground, then repeat. Switch sides to complete the set.


The Audrina Patridge Diet

Audrina is on a low-fat low-carb diet. She generally eats around 1500 calories a day, though she has a fast metabolism. She tries to stay away from sugars, bread, pasta, and rice. She eats 3 meals a day and 3 snacks.

Typical days worth of food:

Breakfast: Whole wheat toast with peanut butter

Lunch: Lunch is usually a protein shake

Dinner: Is usually lean protein like fish, paired with steamed vegetables like broccoli.

Snacks: Her snacks are usually apples and almonds. She eats only organic foods and tries to stay away from meat but eats lots of fish.

Another option:

Breakfast: Omelet made with veggies and turkey sausage and a side of fresh fruit.

Lunch: Grilled chicken served with steamed vegetables and a lettuce salad.

Dinner: Citrus salmon served with asparagus and a green salad.

Snacks: Low-fat vanilla yogurt, an apple and natural peanut butter, caramelized walnuts or low-fat string cheese


Finding Time to Exercise.....

When she is unable to visit the gym, she does small weights to define her upper arms together with 15 to 20 minutes of using an elliptical trainer.

Audrina Patridge’s exercise routine also includes doing squats, lunges and ab crunches using a stability ball to help keep her body strong and well-toned.

"I even work out when I'm at home." She shares. “When I’m sitting in front of the TV, I lift five-pound weights or do squats. And I wear heels when I vacuum because it works my calves and my butt.”

"I like finding things to do outside." Audrina says."Sports are fun. Volleyball is my exercise, too.


It's a Life Style!

Audrina Patridge, 26, admitted that Mexican food is one of her all-time favorite foods and that she eats it at least three days a week. She loves making guacamole, salsa, quesadillas and tacos. Audrina cautioned to be careful with eating Mexican food, because it does put the calories on when you eat too much.

“You’ve got to balance. You have to work out. You have to be active every day. If you’re going to eat what you want to eat, and eat Mexican food all the time, you have to be active. Otherwise, it’s going to add up, and you’re going to hate it.” - Audrina

Aside from working out, Audrina is living a healthy lifestyle. She cut out sweets and soda and eats a lot of vegetables and fruits. For breakfast she makes fruit juice. Every other week Audrina indulges in pizza, burgers and other not-so-healthy foods. According to her, it’s all about moderation.


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    • Phillyfreeze profile image

      Ronald Tucker 

      6 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

      Audrina Patridge workout and diet makes it easy to stay fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle despite have a busy schedule.

      Getting a workout in while do everyday household chores is an excellent way to stay fit.


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