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How I Activated My Self-Healing Power with the Zijiu Method (Part 2)

Updated on April 30, 2012

This is the second instalment for a two-part series on activating your self-healing power with the Zijiu Method.

My Personal Experience with the Zijiu Method

I usually practice for about fifty minutes in the evening at home every day. Waking up at 3:00 a.m. to practice is not practical for me, and I suspect for most of us, although I did try once. I could also use the nearby park for my practice, but the thoughts of attracting stares from joggers at my sweaty face, and worse, getting bites from disease-borne mosquitoes keep me at home.

When I first started, I could only manage about thirty minutes and even then, I wasn’t able to execute all the steps correctly. When I concentrated on sucking in my lower belly, I would find that either my rectum muscle wasn’t contracting in tandem, or that my knees or arms were not in the correct position.

The first few months were really spent on learning how to get each step correct, while the next eight months or so in trying to perform all steps properly at the same time. Although I still find myself wanting in certain areas, at least now I could stand relatively with ease throughout the entire session without too much fidgeting.

For beginners, I suggest you try to push yourself a little after every few sessions by adding five minutes to the overall time until you reach your target. There are seasoned practitioners who claimed to stand two hours or more every day!

But do not be overly ambitious and set yourself up for disappointment. If you constantly fail to meet your target time, you will end up feeling demoralized and may even stop altogether. Start slow and try to enjoy the process as much as you can.

If you are doing the steps correctly, you should find yourself breaking out in a sweat after ten to fifteen minutes. At the end of each session, I always soak through my shirt. Sweat sometimes irritates my eyes too. But, I managed to live with these minor inconveniences. If sweat bothers you, use a sweat band.


I find that the most difficult part of the Zijiu Method isn’t the leg-breaking stance that you need to assume. It’s the stance and the meditative state you have to be in at the same time that is the most challenging. Whenever the aching of the legs and arms builds up, questions like “Is it time yet?”, “When is this going to end?” will keep popping up in my mind. Every single sound, including footsteps, will be picked up in the attempt to conjure up the remaining time left. With the mind being so preoccupied with keeping time, I am anything but contemplative.

But, I have found a way to focus the mind whenever this happens. That is by repeating a positive affirmation or mantra slowly and silently to myself. One of my favorite lines is “I’m full of good health and positive energies.” Without mouthing the words, I would say “I’m full of good health” when I inhale and complete the sentence “… and positive energies.” on exhale. When my mind has stopped its incessant time keeping, I will stop repeating the mantra and resume observing my thoughts.

This method is especially useful to beginners who are not yet accustomed to the long period of standing. Try it when you have problem focusing. Come up with your own mantra and don’t worry about language rules as long as the mantra means something positive to you. Your line should preferably be short enough to be completed in one in and out-breath. Stop using the mantra once your mind has settled down and resume your practice with a clearer mind.

Benefits I've Reaped from the Zijiu Method

By now, it should be obvious that I am no expert in the Zijiu Method. But that doesn’t prevent me from reaping the benefits of my daily practice. Ever since I started learning this method some fourteen months ago, my cold has returned only twice, as opposed to once-a-month. Even when I had a cold, the symptoms were less intense than before and I was also able to fight it off on my own.

Comparing my previous state of health to what it is now, I am very impressed with the results from my daily practice of the Zijiu Method.The running nose and sneezing I used to suffer every morning have also been reduced to an extent that doesn’t bother me much nowadays. Comparing my previous state of health to what it is now, I am happy with the results from my daily practice of the Zijiu Method. For that, I am deeply indebted to Mr. Li and his students who have freely shared their experiences.

But that doesn’t mean that I am now impervious to illness. I still get headaches if I do not get enough restful sleep the night before, and my body continues to generate high amount of bad cholesterol despite my watchful diet.

To put things in perspective, I don’t think there is a magic pill that answers all our health problems, not even the Zijiu Method. Like other forms of health-enhancing activities such as yoga and Tai Chi, it is but one aspect of a holistic lifestyle. A healthy body is not just the result of an exercise program. It is an aggregate of:

  • adopting an anti inflammatory diet,
  • drinking sufficient clean water,
  • exercising moderately at least 3 times a week,
  • having adequate quality rest,
  • building supportive relationships,
  • engaging in fulfilling work, as well as
  • maintaining an open and compassionate mind.

Nevertheless, the Zijiu Method offers a free, simple and effective way to improve your health if you practice it correctly, consistently and conscientiously. But, do not just take my word for it. Be as skeptical as I once was. Try it out for yourself and see whether it is meant for you.

Remember to stay positive and healthy!

The Conscious Life
The Conscious Life

More Useful Resources

For more in-depth resources, please visit, where you can learn how to meditate, how to reduce inflammation with natural foods and herbs, how to manage stress and relax more, and much more. Hope to see you there!


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