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Constipation, symptoms and Remedies

Updated on September 6, 2014

Constipation, symptoms and remedies

Constipation, problems, remedies and cures

The delay in defecation timing, the irregularity in the process or condition to use force for defecation is generally known as constipation. It is the problem of less than three stools an week and hard stool. Except the condition of intestinal wounds, tumors, diabetes, thyroid problems the constipation is the result of unnatural way of living. Food, exercise, rest and recreation, and though patterns have relation to way of life. The habit of not eating for long time and excessive eating at a time, spicy foods, fried and crispy items, junk foods, and not eating green vegetables, salads, fibrous items may result constipation. The people living busy day to day schedule, tension life, under fear, mourning, traumatic situation are seen mostly having constipation. People who do no physical works are also seen having constipation. Similarly people who consume pain killers, narcotics, are prone to constipation.

Symptoms of constipation

Long time for defecation

Use of too much force for defecation

No soft stool


Abdominal pain

No appetite for food

Pungent odor from mouth

Dizzy feel

Pain of thigh muscles

Feeling tired all the time

Risks of Constipation

Constipation is a simple disease but eastern ayurvedic tradition it is regarded as a serious health problem. When the solid wastes are not removed out on time, the decay and make harmful elements which are absorbed by body and mixes in blood. The absorb of unnecessary harmful elements in different organs of the body results many diseases. The efficiency of body organs go down. The constipation can result high and low blood pressure, diabetes, abdominal ulcer and cancer, irritable bowl syndrome, acidity, indigestion, joints pain, dandruffs, pimples, decay of bones etc. It also results mental problems like phobia, depression, insomnia, loss of sexual capacity, misbalance in the function of immune system, common cold, fever, weakening of muscles and nerves, imbalance of hormones, cholesterol etc.


We should work on the treatment of constipation. We should give away unhealthy way of life and live healthy life. The main steps are correction of food pattern, make physical exercises part of life and peaceful mind. Avoid fried, bottled food items, wheat made items in the breakfast and instead add fresh fruits. The items like sweet orange, orange, pear, watermelon, cucumber, mango, and guava are good for constipation patients. The germinated grains are good too. Limit eating solid food twice a day. The red rice or the maize rice, the wheat or maize flour, cauliflower, cabbage, and spinach are good to select for lunch.

It is good not to include grains in the dinner. Vegetable soups, fresh vegetables are enough for dinner. The use of meat, fish, egg, ghee, butter and wheat items should be reduced as far as possible. The fruits like banana, apple, grapes, litchi are not very good for constipation patients. The items like potatoes, yam, egg plant, grams, soya should not be eaten in dinner.

The practice of yoga and meditation are very helpful for constipation patient. The morning walk, sun salute yoga helps reduce constipation. Different other yoga postures are helpful. The breathing exercises are also very helpful. Constipation is not a major health problem but I can become cause of major health problem.

Following precautions should be taken into account.

1. Early to bed and early to rise. Drink like warm water early morning

2. Make at least 30 minutes exercise in the morning your part of life.

3. Eat in the regular time. Chew food well and eat dinner at least three hours before sleep. Focus in the eating and not in mobiles or computers during meals.

4. Avoid eating at any time.

5. Use more salads and raw vegetables in the food

6. During defecation focus on the act. Don’t listen music, read news papers in rest room.

7. If you have any symptoms, visit the doctor.

People eating Rice, Lentils and curry in the typucal Nepali dinner
People eating Rice, Lentils and curry in the typucal Nepali dinner | Source


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