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Unforgettable Baby Shower Game Ideas

Updated on April 28, 2015

Baby Shower Fun!

Games are a great way to break the ice and to ensure each guest feels included during the party!

As I await the arrival of my new niece or nephew, I've been thinking about what baby games to plan for the shower.

I like games that gets everyone involved and makes them laugh. Also I like to choose games that won't single people out and make them feel uncomfortable - you want everyone to have a good time!

Below are a few of my favorites.

Poo Happens! Guess the Poop Game.

Can you guess the melted candy bar?

Items Needed

* Small Diapers

* Variety of Candy Bars (Mounds, Baby Ruth, Snickers, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, etc.)

Preparation Number each diaper for the number of candy bars you have. Melt a part of the candy bar in the microwave, and then scoop the melted mess into a diaper. (It's best to do this about an hour before the shower. Be very careful not to scorch the candy bar!). Keep track of which candy bar went into which number diaper.

Game Play Give the guests a piece of paper and as the diapers get passed around, have them write down the number of the diaper and what kind of candy bar they think is in it.

Be ready for plenty of squeals and giggles!

The prize for the winner could be a container of miniature chocolate bar favors.

Flickr Photo Credit: Mike N Alicia

Nursery Rhyme Fill-In

How well do you remember your nursery rhymes?

We all probably have a favorite nursery rhyme from when we were little. But do you remember all the words?


Print up a sheet of lines from nursery rhymes, leaving out a word or having them complete the rhyme.

Game Play

Hand the game sheet to each guest. Give everyone plenty of time to fill in their answers, then read the nursery rhymes out loud. There will surely be some laughs when you hear what people thought the missing line was!

For example:

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep

And ________________________. (can't tell where to find them)

Wee Willie Winkie

Runs through the town,

Upstairs and downstairs

_____________________. (In his nightgown)

The guest who fills in the most correct answers wins a prize!

Click here for a list of Nursery Rhymes!

Nursery Rhyme Favors

Having a Nursery Rhyme baby shower? An adorable favor is this Moon Bookmark in Nursery Rhyme Box

The metal moon-shaped bookmarks feature a beautiful blue tassel and come cleverly presented in a keepsake nursery rhyme book with an inside cover that reads "And The Cow Jumped Over The Moon". The front cover of the book has a cat playing a fiddle and reads "Hey Diddle Diddle, the Cat and the Fiddle.." and the back cover shows a dish running away with the spoon.

What is It?

This is probably my favorite shower game. It's hilarious to see what people come up with!

Items Needed

* Brown paper lunch bags

* Variety of baby items (eg. bottle, safety pins, mittens, pacifier, diaper, nail clipper, thermometer, etc.)


Place one baby item in each paper bag and then either tape shut or tie shut with ribbon. (Make sure baby items are removed from packaging). Number each bag. On a piece of paper put the numbers of the bags vertically on the paper with room after for the guests to write their guesses.

Game Play

Pass the bags around. Each guest has 30 seconds to feel the bag and try to guess what is in it, writing their answer down next to the number that goes with that bag. You might want to hold a watch with a second hand and say "pass" every 30 seconds. It is up to you if you want to be more casual and let them pass the gifts at their own pace.

Once everyone has had a chance to make a guess for each bag, let the mom-to-be open each bag, revealing the answer. Give a gift to the person with the most correct answers, and mom gets to keep the infant gifts!

Dirty Diaper Door Prize

Who has the dirty diaper?


Create little diapers with felt cloth or purchase a ready-made diaper game set. Make one of the diapers "dirty". You can do this with a marker, melted chocolate . . . use your imagination! (Make sure the mess cannot be seen once the diaper is folded).

Game Play

As each of your guests arrive, pin a cute little diaper on them. When the games begin ask your guests to look inside their diapers to reveal the "surprise." Whoever reveals the dirty diaper is the WINNER!

Baby Shower Bingo

A Classic Favorite!

Items Needed

* A Bingo Grid. 4x4 Grid is a good size. Make your own with cardstock or find free printable grids online.

* Markers or Pens to Mark Bingo Cards

Game Play

Either pre-fill the cards with baby related item words, (like receiving blankets, onesies or pacifiers), or give the guests a list of items to fill in on their own.

Then use that list to call out the items for them to mark off

Another twist is to play while the mom-to-be opens her baby shower gifts. If she receives the item, they then mark it off their card. (It's best to not tell them this part of the game before they fill in their cards, or else they could write the items they bought in a row).

4 in a row gets Bingo!

Have a few gifts on hand in case you have multiple bingos!

Guess the Baby Food

Is that strained peas or creamed asparagus? Those are questions you'll hear your guests asking as they try to guess the baby food!

Items Needed

* A variety of Baby Foods

* Pen and Paper


Remove the baby food jar label and number each jar. A good way to keep track is to write the number of the jar on the label you removed, and then keep them in a bag for revealing the answers. Use as many varieties you would like - 12 is a good number.

Game Play

Pass the baby food around and let your guests look at and smell the baby foods, then have them write down the number of the jar and their guess. Once everyone has a guess for each jar, reveal the answers.

If you want to help them out, you could have a list of multiple choices. (Just make sure you have foods listed that are not in the jars so it's not too easy!)

The person who guessed the most foods wins!

What is your favorite Baby Shower Game?

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