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babysitting children

Updated on March 17, 2013

Watching children

Babysitting can be a good idea for quick easy cash, but it can be exhausting. The mistake I made when I used to babysit was not sleeping. However it did not matter if you sleep or not, you will still get paid for being meticulous with their kids. Your siblings and other people have kids and sometimes cannot afford a babysitter or daycare right now, so you ask your brother or sister or cousin for help. But do not take advantage of the person that is helping you watch your children, because they could have plans they do not want to cancel or have school and other jobs. Kids grow every day, more babies are born and of course you want to help but you cannot be the only person that has to babysit all the time. Give the babysitter space and letting them have time for themselves to relax and have their own plans.


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