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Baby Steps

Updated on January 21, 2016

Everyday is a new beginning. If you decide on a change in your life then do not wait for tomorrow as today and now is the right day and time.

Many people fail because they procrastinate while others believe the dream is far fetched. I will never say that the journey is easy but I will say It is a possible journey.

IF you have been reading my hubs. There is one hub about, The A's in My Life in it I have started with 'A' for Acknowledgement, which will help you identify your capabilities and potential. Once that is done, then you can decide on what you desires are. It can be a millionaire or an author or even owning a simple business.

For some it could be coming out or into a relationship or finding a new mate. Or loosing those pounds that has been a difficult task over the years.


Breaking It Down

Baby Steps, is when the 'Desire' is broken down into small entities :

  • Define the Desire
  • Breakdown the Desire
  • List the Primary Boundaries
  • List the Secondary Boundaries
  • Build the Hierarchy

Once this is done, explore each individual parts and look at it as if it is a 'desire' on its own.

Looking at this with an example would be much easier. So lets look at being a Millionaire ...

Life is a series of baby steps along the way and if you add up these tiny little steps you take toward your goal, whatever it is, whether it's giving up something, a terrible addiction or trying to work your way through an illness. When you total up those baby steps you'd be amazed over the course of 10 years, the strides you've taken.


— Hoda Kotb

Stop Procrastination

The underlying fear could be one reason we procrastinate from moving ahead of our ideas. How many of us have ideas on doing such and such and yet we do not make a move to make it happen.

Even starting a small thing like 'A diet' or 'Stop smoking' many of us procrastinate. We will look at the calendar and plan on a distant date. Then we set our mind thinking, ' I will be going on diet, so I should eat everything I love now.' Similarly, we start puffing more because we already decided on the date. We end up gaining more weight and smoking more. And as the date come nearer we will find some excuses to postpone and find another date to start the mission.

Ever done that ? or something almost like that ?

Baby Steps in a way can help us to solve our issue. Instead of , only looking at the date, start by breaking down the problem into small Jigsaw pieces and approach them one at a time eliminating the easy ones first.

Here I have started with some example so as it would be easier to picture the act of Baby Steps into achieving our desires and goal.

Case Study : Being a Millionaire

The Desire

To be Millionaire. No more debts. Wearing branded stuff. Driving expensive car. Dining in great places. Going for Holidays.

Breakdown The Desire

How - Running a great Business.

When - By End of 2 years.

Where - In the City.

Who - Not applicable

Why - Better future for the family

The Primary Boundaries - this is where we already have some commitments like financial

  • Responsibility - parents, partner, children
  • Overheads - rental, loans, expenses, tuition fees

The Secondary Boundaries

  • Cash /Investment
  • No Idea of What Business
  • No Background / Experience
  • Time

Now you can actually see a picture taking form here. We have actually tackled almost all that is required to go into achieving our dream.

How Babysteps Work

So lets start with the small step first ... Identification - here we have to research, explore and identify What to do based on Secondary Boundaries . Take time and you do not have to rush into any decision as yet. Just put it up on the 'working board'

Time Management - We can not afford to leave our current work as we have our Primary Boundaries to take care. So whatever income generated from our Job is for the running of our family. Possibly we may have free time after office hours or during the weekends. Look for some projects that can generate extra income during this hours. .

Accumulate Seed Money -Even as small as it may look, this small income is better compared to extra hours spent doing unproductive activities. This does not mean 'Sleepless Nights' just 4 to 5 hours after dinner possibly until 12mn Many small projects can be done to generate extra income in order to save up enough cash as start up capital for future business investments.

You can see that there is 'success' as you achieve both this action. As you progress in this, your success in each step will give you more motivation to move up in the journey towards being a Millionaire.

Grow your business - If you already have a business idea, then you should start your business in a smaller scale. With minimum capital and little experience you can start to work out a business plan that is workable without you leaving your full time job.

Or another option would be for one partner to retain their current permanent job which can generate enough income to sustain monthly expenses of the family, while the other explore into any prospects.


Case Study : Success in Love

This of course is similar to Being millionaire. The idea is to breakdown the challenge into small and easier modules. Starting with assessing the need then identify the problem why we have not succeeded previously.

Listing down everything about our self, our good qualities, what people like about us then look into our bad habits as well. Now we have actually broken down everything into small pieces.

Motivate our self by appreciating our good qualities, this is actually a success in our life. Allow our self to love our self for the good we have.

Overcome Negative Belief of yourself as it makes you become your worst enemy. Remember it is unlikely that only everything bad happens to you. Never use names like, 'I am stupid' but instead be more positive.

Reflect on your positive attributes. Focus on them, celebrate and reward yourself for all this good habits. For instance, you are always there for your friend.

Change Now, it is do some minor changes like cutting your hair or find ways to improve some of your habits. It may take time, but every step is a success and a good motivator.

Positive Affirmation, support yourself by repeating this affirmations as it can help you to overcome your negative believes.

As you are going through the 'emotional healing' process, you will start loving yourself, your confidence and self-esteem will improve. You will be ready to reach out and accept life of love.

Breakdown Problem Not Yourself

A situation is just a problem if you leave it as it is, but when you start breaking it down it will look more simpler and easier. Break it down into manageable steps.

Do not allow any 'block' from preventing you or hinder your move towards any success. Recognize the blocks and each block is a 'problem' on its own.

As mentioned in the above example 'To become A Millionaire'.

  1. The Desire - we start writing down the problem putting into words and not a jumble in head
  2. Breakdown The Desire - How , When, Where, Who, Why ~ answering this helps in directing the breakdown
  3. The Primary Boundaries and The Secondary Boundaries - helps you to identify and address each module according to the importance or requirement.

Looking for patterns in problems can help us to identify the blocks

Find a Pattern

Lets take a look at a simple math problem. Although it is not related to the subject matter, but the concept of finding a pattern is defined clearly in it

Think Out of The Box

Sometimes just taking a short break from the problem can help us to look into the problem from a different view. This is why we see some people involved in creative jobs/tasks going out for a coffee break or just sitting at a corner table in a restaurants just staring into space.

Changing our routine also helps, as we start to divert our attention into different than normal activities. Probably you never watched Fashion Tv, and today you can just watch it.

Learning some new activities can also help us to start moving out of box, for example .. taking up cooking or drawing.

Life is a Pearl

Just watch the video on how a 'Pearl' one expensive gem or mineral in the world is formed. There is a great wisdom hidden in the making of Pearl.

A beauty that arose out of pain. An irritating substance which was a problem had been transformed into such expensive gem.

Why not we, human beings do the same .. As you see in the video the whole pearl is done layer by layer which is similar to our 'Babysteps' approach.


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