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Can Traction Really Help With Back Pain Relief

Updated on February 24, 2017

Traction As A Back Pain Reliever

Are you one of the large proportion of the population who seems to have tried everything possible to get relief from back pain? If so there may be a solution to your problems, but a word of warning, proceed with care as the back is a very delicate part of our anatomy and so should be treated with respect.

You may be surprised but a tried and trusted way of getting back pain relief is via traction. In other words the gentle stretching of the back to counteract tight muscles or pressure on nerves. It should be stated that traction doesn't work for all types of back pain, but if you have lower back pain, the lengthening of the spine can bring about marked improvements and therefore is most definitely something to check out.

There are many pieces of equipment on sale that provide this traction for your back and this lens is designed to pick some of the best for you to take a look at. Each back pain reliever will only be shown here if it has a review score of 80%. Anything less than that has already been discounted to save you the time.

Of course if you are in any doubt about traction as a valid remedy for your lower back pain you should contact your physician to get their professional opinion.

Back Pain Reliever: Suggestion 1 - The Nubax Trio Back Pain Reliver

This is a piece of equipment that was developed by an Australian company specifically to give relief to back pain. It is designed to be portable and can be safely used in the home as well as by health professionals to treat a wide variety of back complaints.

When put under scrutiny in clinical trials, it was found to provide better results on a regular basis when compared to other forms of manipulation, massage and exercise.

It works by ensuring the spine is held correctly while a stretch is applied between the shoulders and the pelvis.

Nubax Trio Portable Back Traction Device – Back Pain Reliever for Spinal Decompression At Home
Nubax Trio Portable Back Traction Device – Back Pain Reliever for Spinal Decompression At Home

Average Review Score: 4 out of 5

Mrs Barbara G, had this to say about the Nubax Trio Back Pain Reliever:

"My brother recommended Nubax Trio because it helped his back. I decided to try it for hip pain and within a few days I was able to walk farther without pain. Within a couple of weeks I was able to keep up with my husband again with little pain walking longer distances. It truly has made a difference in my lifestyle. Very easy to assemble, lightweight, durable and easy to store."

Click HEREto see the full review.


The Nubax Trio Back Pain Reliever Video

Take a closer look at the Nubax Trio in this video from the manufacturer.

Back Pain Reliever: Suggestion 2 - Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Decompression and Extension Machine

The Dex II uses a variation on the idea of inversion to provide the back relief. It provides a user controlled forward rotation rather than the complete inversion of the tables available.

The equipment separates the lower vertebrae by flattening the lumber curve. It achieves this by placing the body in a 90 degree position. Decreased decompression can be achieved by way of the unique traction handles and therefore the Dex II is ideal for back extension exercises.

Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Decompression and Extension Machine
Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Decompression and Extension Machine

Average review score: 4.4 out of 5

J. Blecha, had this to say about the Dex II:

"This is a high quality unit that does a great job of decompressing my damaged spine.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for this type of relief."

Click HERE to see the complete review.


Teeter Hang Ups P3 Back Stretcher Video

View the following video to find out more about the Teeter Hang Ups P3 Back Stretcher.

Back Pain Reliever: Suggestion 5 - Trueback Non-powered Orthopedic Traction Device

The Trueback traction device is designed to relieve the body of the daily discomforts and tensions. It does this in a unique but simple and effective way.

There are thirty suspension pints fitted into the center rail, located either side of the spine. This ensures the spine 'floats' in the center channel, thus allowing the back muscles to relax and increasing the therapeutic blood flow.

Therefore anyone using the Trueback Traction Device will be supported in the correct position whilst being passively stretched.

True Back Orthopedic Traction Device - As Seen on Tv
True Back Orthopedic Traction Device - As Seen on Tv

Average review rating: 4.4 out of 5

Owner Adrian, had this to say about the Trueback Traction Device:

"Bought this for my dad, he's been using it daily. He has a bad back, but since using it twice daily has helped tremendously. He can lift his legs again, and the back pain is alleviated almost immediately after using it. I can't recommend this product highly enough!"

Click Here for the full review.


Trueback Non-powered Orthopedic Traction Device Video

Get more information on the Trueback Non-powered Orthopedic Traction Device Video and how it works along with the evidence of its effectiveness in the video below.

What have you found that works for back pain? - Let's know what helped you.

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