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How to prevent backache and its common causes

Updated on July 19, 2012

Understanding backache starting with anatomy

Backache can be experience by everyone, no matter what age, height, or weight. This can also occur at anytime of the day at any season. Let's find out why.

First, our back is supported by several parts of the skeletal and muscular system. The skeletal system supporting our back composes of our vertebrae and the ribcage. The vertebrae plays a very important role as it supports the whole of our back stretching from the neck up to the hips. Our ribcage supports the upper back together with the bones of our shoulder.

The muscular system also supports our back, especially the shoulder muscles, chest muscles, muscles of the back and abdominals.

Prevention is better than the cure

How to prevent backache:

  • Good posture - We need to watch our posture at all times, while sitting, standing, or even while laying. This is very important as our posture plays a very big role in helping our muscles and bones stay within the center of gravity. Having a bad posture will cause strain on both the muscles and the bones which may in-time change the structure of the spine. This will definitely contribute in back pain. To know if you have a good posture, try doing an experiment in front of a life-size mirror. Draw a straight vertical line in the middle of the mirror, or hang a thread, then stand facing sideward. Ask someone to check if your earlobe, shoulder, hip, knee, and middle of ankle does not deviate from the line. If any of those deviate from the line, then it means that you have a bad posture. This was brought by slouching, swayback (lordosis), unbalanced weight lifting, wearing clothes that is too fit, especially pants, wearing high-heeled shoes, and other activities that involves deviation from the straight line.
  • Keep a normal weight. Being overweight causes strain on our bones and joints, which contributes in having backache. Try to watch your diet to prevent gaining weight.
  • Have a toned muscle. Try to tone your muscles like the abdominals and the back mucle. If you have strong muscles, your back will be well supported and this will help you keep a good posture as well.
  • Do stretchings. This will help ease our stressed muscles which can prevent backache.


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    • JKSophie profile image

      JKSophie 8 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks charlotte :)

    • profile image

      charlotte chiropractor kinesiology 8 years ago

      I like the information about prevention. That's the best healthcare!