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Letters to YOU: “How can I get back to work routine after summer?”

Updated on September 11, 2011

Dear YOU,

No matter how short or long you’ve been away on a holiday, it’s always very tricky to get back on track. It’s quiet challenging to return to the usual life routine – work, another school year for your kids, healthy diet, gym etc. Even though the summer is over, it doesn’t mean your life is over. You should feel rested and full of energy to face the autumn season. Find your source of motivation with these simple tips.

- Find a few spare hours to plan the next four months (Note: for those of you who don’t have a diary yet, please buy one!). What would you like to achieve before New Year? What’s your priority? What’s important to you? What will make you feel proud? Think how you will reward yourself after you’ve done all of these important things on your list. Will you go for a dinner to one of your favourite restaurants? Will you take a city break? Will you explore another country? Will you buy something new for yourself? Well, it’s really up to you. Just remember that every important task you complete requires a reward. It will keep you motivated to move towards your goal and the prize.

- Take time off work during the weekend. Plan a mini trip with your family or friends, go to the gallery or explore new hot events in your city. There is so much happening in autumn. Think of all the things you wanted to do before the summer and never did. Maybe you wanted to join the gym, follow a healthy diet or run a marathon for a charity. With only four months left before the Christmas break, you should really speed things up, finish unfinished business or even start new things, which will be a great platform for you in 2012.

-Meet up with your friends. Talk about your summer adventures, have a drink and talk about everyone’s plans for the near future. Emotionally charge from others, get enthusiastic not only about your own plans but about the plans of your friends. Organise regular meetings with your friends to discuss the progress, to support each other and to celebrate each other’s success. Surround yourself with highly motivated, happy and positive people.

- Focus on what you like about your job – if you don’t like your job at all, maybe you should start thinking about a career change and how to go about it. Self-pity will only make the matter worse. Do some research of the field you are most interested in, find out how people get into positions like that, what qualifications you might need and network in the right places with the right people. If there are too many things to do at once after your summer vacation, then you will have to prioritise work tasks. Start with the hardest ones in the morning while your head is still clear. Take it one step at a time. The worst you can do is try sort out everything at once. Talk to your boss if the things get too overwhelming at work. Use all the support you need.

- Keeppositive and optimistic attitude at all times. Healthy well-rested mind will do the wonders. Tackle one task at once. If you notice someone else is struggling at work, offer your help. It will make you realise that you’re not alone and it will definitely take your mind of the things for a while. If you feel really low and dread going to work, just “fake” your attitude, trick your body into thinking you’re really happy to go back to work i.e. adjust your body posture, straighten your back and smile all the time!

- Make sure you follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Take short tea breaks, get lots of fresh air, get enough sleep and drink plenty of water. Keep your mind and body hydrated. Look good and feel good.

- Next time you go on a holiday, make a list of things you have to do once you’re back to work. Finish everything you have to before you’re off. You can have a truly relaxing holiday knowing that you’ve completed everything. The last thing you want is something constantly bothering you and making you anxious. Keep your mind off of unfinished tasks.

Be healthy, happy and wealthy…. & Remember: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

Always by your side,

Tati Irodova

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