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Updated on June 14, 2013

Stuck in a dead end job?

Hate your boyfriend/spouse?

Feel like you are destined to lose?

Upset about where you are in your life?

Take responsibility for your life!

I have encountered people who frequently treat people like trash. They are rude, mean, and feel like treating everyone else like trash is the key to their happiness. Often these people are hurting and lashing out at society in an effort to make anyone they encounter feel as bad as they do about themselves.

Sometimes one needs to ask themselves are you loosing because of your attitude? People who are happy and successful are not often mean spirited to others but are interested in being great people in our societies. Great people are happy with who they are, give to others, and are pleasant people.

Every now and then we have to look in the mirror and own what we created. You are not the victim of your life. You are a person capable of deciding if you will be a winner or a loser. If you will meet your defeat with the desire to learn from your failures are bathe in them. Don't get upset when you encounter those who are happy or more successful than you, but ask for their wisdom and apply it to your life. Believe in yourself and treat others with kindness and respect. Interact with care and love when encountering others and you will experience true joy.

This joy will not only bless others but you will have a better life, better career, better relationships, and quality friendships as a result of changing your behavior.

Nasty attitude = Nasty Life

Good vibes = Love that returns in many forms from the universe

The universe grants you your heart and energy.

Apply a happy attitude and you will experience the gifts of life in abundance.


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