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How to Find BALANCE and HEALTH in Modern Times

Updated on June 2, 2013

We have advanced and learned so much! Any information is at our fingertips. Everywhere we look there’s a delightful blend of the old ways teaming up with new technological advances. Sometimes though, do you feel a little overwhelmed? Authoritative but conflicting views abound – what to believe?

This informational blog is to help sift through any confusion or pressure you may feel because when it comes right down to it, stress and doubt are our enemies.

The easiest way to “heal” is not to try to eliminate a bad habit, or a bad thought, or a bad circumstance, but rather to replace it with something you’d prefer to feel, know, or do. Focusing on something different or new, consistently incorporating little changes will literally change our destiny. (See easy to use tool “Screen of the Mind” at end)

Of course, moderation is a key we can too often forget.


Starting where you are

Honest assessment
Honest assessment

Where to begin

Way back in the 70s, T.D. Willhite (founder of PSI World) said that balance is the key to synergistic living. The latter defined as peace of mind, well-being, and happiness. “It is achieved when the four natures of mankind – health, wealth, love, and perfect self-expression – are in balance… The Book of Revelations speaks of these natures when referring to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The pale horse is the physical or health side; the black horse represents the intellectual or wealth side; the red horse connotes emotions or the perfect self expression side; and the white horse is the love or spiritual side.”

He suggested rating ourselves on each and drawing a square, or as close to a square as we can, to help visualize where we may need to focus our attention.

"That which we resist, persists" AU
"That which we resist, persists" AU

When I first did this exercise, it was so woppy jawed, where I had to focus became abundantly clear.

Relating it to four horses pulling a carriage, if they’re not the same, we go in circles – or crash :(

Let’s look then at each of our four natures, with our modern challenges, and what we may be able to incorporate - blending the old ways with new advances.



Essentially we have to first love ourselves. We’re often too harsh and demanding on ourselves. We expect perfection. I learned to think of perfection as “the process of awareness”. It made it easier for me because all I had to do was be willing to risk vulnerability so no-matter what happened in life, it was all good if I learned from it.

It became easier to stop making the same mistakes, stop beating myself up, stop being angry and hurting others. Once I fully incorporated this into my being, I began to feel more love for others too because I knew they had their own lessons and struggles. That, of course, made it easier to stop judging and especially to stop taking things personally.

I began to feel more gratitude for everything (Gratitude Log 21 days to more abundance), in each moment – and slowly but surely, every moment became more joyous and loving. With that, I knew… I am worthy.


My first mentor cut out an article for me to read (hint, hint :0).

It was by Gail Garnett, printed in the Toronto Star on June 14, 1974.

I still carry it with me because it took me many years to fully incorporate, but I'm here to tell you, the journey has been awesome and finally finding that balance is well worth it!

I share it here with you...



Decades ago, when we started hearing “new findings” about what caused cancer, many stopped paying attention because it seemed no-matter what we did, it became a factor in our inevitable destruction and death. Yes, the truth is, we’re all going to die. I believe though, this is no time to stop paying attention.

It’s not nearly as complicated as it may seem.

As human beings, our bodies thrive on 3 things: 1) air; 2) water; 3) food.

Whatever it takes to improve these areas, is what we ought to at least take baby steps to improve.

1) Air

If you live in the middle of a city with polluted air, find ways to get fresher air:

- an air filter in your home;

- head to the country once-in-awhile;

- or stop jogging while deep breathing auto exhaust… :0


2) Water

We all know we ought to be drinking at least half our weight in water – EVERY DAY. Bottled water is a scam – there are no regulations and the plastic bottles are killing our environment. Simple – get a water filter. And yes, I’ve looked into our PH balance and am a firm believer in getting a filter that will bring our PH back to where it needs to be: 7.36.

The last hub I wrote shows how to get an alkaline, micro-clustered, anti-oxidant water filter VERY inexpensively.

Is it important? Only if we want to be healthy and live long. (They studied people who had died of cancer and autopsies showed they all had a ph level of 5 or below.)

Btw, it takes 28 glasses of that kind of “medicinal” water to offset 1 (ONE) glass of soda. Don’t believe me? I challenge you to research – there is so much scientific proof! I felt almost silly when I found out because it seems to me, the media ought to make things like this headliners. Well, maybe they did back in 1924 :(

Raw food ROCS! 50 fruits, veggies+ :)

3) Food

All about food could, and does, fill libraries. simplified: Organic is best, raw is the healthiest and any variance from those causes more acidity in our bodies causing disease and deprives us of the vital nutrients we need – especially if it’s bleached out flour or sugar.

All cooking depletes our food of vitamins and nutrients. And every moment a food is taken from its living source, vitamins and minerals dissipate.

Again, baby steps. When we break lettuce off for a salad for example, if we immediately coat the leaves in olive oil, the nutrients are preserved.

If you find it difficult to eat 5 fruits and veggies’ a day, make it easier with a raw food drink – your body will thank you a million times over.

Meditation - free multiplyer

When we think there isn't enough time to meditate, there may come a day when we  realize how very much time we've wasted without it!
When we think there isn't enough time to meditate, there may come a day when we realize how very much time we've wasted without it!


Do you think of money when you think of wealth?

Or do you think of knowledge?

Personally, to me, it all boils down to energy > how we spend it, how we use it, what we focus on…

These days we seem to be struggling to find security. We want a job yet at the same time, want to do what we want, when we want.

Perhaps this too depends on how much we trust ourselves to create the world we want.

Man is paid in direct proportion to the service he renders mankind.” T. D. Willhite “People have everything you will ever want, and they will gladly give it to you, provided you help them get what they want. Find a need and fill it. Be of service.

Our most valuable possessions are those which can be shared without lessening: those which, when shared, multiply. Our least valuable possessions are those which, when divided, are diminished.” William H. Danforth

Less than $100 for protection w. increased balance, strength & circulation!


If you find your energy imbalanced or diminished, you could indeed be affected by all the scattered energy that bombards our airwaves.

Sitting in front of the computer subjects us to EMS – as does carrying our cell phone L By all means protect yourself! Check out some of the new tools for balancing our energy fields (Scalar Energy Pendants)

Easiest method for change


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    • SEM Pro profile imageAUTHOR

      SEM Pro 

      5 years ago from North America

      Thank you so much Chantal. Always my pleasure to share some of the pearls I've learned over the decades. Appreciate you saying so with a comment too - more than words can express :)

    • chantal7 profile image


      5 years ago from London

      Thank you for sharing; I enjoyed the article and the sources; very well put! :-)

    • SEM Pro profile imageAUTHOR

      SEM Pro 

      7 years ago from North America

      Aloha Dohn! Although I have indeed missed you, there is never a need for apologies my dear. HP is fun for me - a way to share the pearls we've been blessed to know and to learn from others when time allows.

      These days, with the pace of life getting quicker and quicker especially, its all we can do to make sure we make time for ourselves - our health, prioritizing what fulfills us, understanding what emotional beliefs may be blocking us, and sifting through all the media bombardment competing for our attention - even our subconscious conditioning - thus this hub.

      I'm so glad you're making your way back to hp as I am. There's solace in choosing to calmly absorb the wisdom shared by those we trust - and in writing to do the same for others. I'll look forward to reading any new pearls you take the time to share with the world too!

      So glad to hear you won't touch another soda! lol We all hope to touch at least one person's life in a good way :) Hoping too, you might be open to looking at a more advanced alkaline water system than Brita's although not destroying our environment with their system is a great first step.

      Also delighted to offer a positive perspective on something you may have attached to gloom and doom. From my experience, the end of days will only be the end as we knew it and we're getting better and better, so that change is a good thing.

      I'm honored by your visit and comment Dohn, as always. Here's to heightened awareness and balance - we shall continue to rise together. Sincerely, Sylvia

    • dohn121 profile image


      7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      Hi Sylvia. I know it's been a long while, but I'm trying to make a comeback at HubPages. Just a few moments ago, I "approved" your comment on one of my hubs (The Road Leads To Your Heart) that was WAY overdue. The comment which responded to your comment is actually an apology for not responding to you sooner :)

      Above anything else, this was a fascinating read. Not ever before had I ever seen the "Four Horsemen" used in a positive context. I always read them to spell out doom and gloom--The End of Days if you will. After reading this, I don't think I ever want to drink another can of soda! I share the same sentiments about bottled water. I swear by my Brita and use it for coffee and of course drinking.

      This really was such a helpful and informative hub about clean and healthy living and the importance of having a good pH. Awesome work.


    • SEM Pro profile imageAUTHOR

      SEM Pro 

      7 years ago from North America

      Aloha dear Feline Prophet. Thank you so much and yes, felt like ages since I shared any new pearls learned until about a week ago with the last. Any day I'll be able to catch up on all I've missed from your pearls too :) Cheers to balance my dear - how appropriate you'd be attracted to this since you've incorporated so much, and, as a fellow ongoing "researcher" in life :)

    • profile image

      Feline Prophet 

      7 years ago

      How well you put it, SEM Pro - it seems like ages since I stumbled upon one of your wise hubs. :)


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