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Banbury & Bicester Counselling & Therapy Centre

Updated on September 7, 2014

Banbury & Bicester's Counselling & Therapy Centre

We have been practising Counselling and Psychotherapy in the Banbury area since 2001.

The Paloma Centre is easily accessible from the M40, Bicester, Buckingham, Brackley, Milton Keynes, Leamington Spa and Stratford upon Avon.

We welcome your calls to talk through any concerns that are troubling you without obligation to come in as we recognise that all too often it may not be clear to you just what is involved in Counselling and Psychotherapy in its various forms. Please do call us on 01869 811893 and have a chat first or just go to our website where you will find much more information about the various therapies that we practise and who we are. Our website can be found by clicking on The Paloma Centre.

Banbury's Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre - The Paloma Centre

Whether you need help in overcoming a current concern, just want to feel better about yourself or simply want to get more out of life as a person, The Paloma Centre. has the counselling, coaching and personal therapy support systems to help you.

The Paloma Centre in Banbury can help you live your life more fully, putting problems into perspective, creating a clearer, more positive and rewarding mindset to cope with life's challenges.

Why not reconcile the past, live more fully in the present, create a better future - for yourself.

The Paloma Centre - Helping you to live your life more fully.

Counselling & Psychotherapy can help you with such things as

anxiety, panic attacks, relationship issues and the personal concerns that are limiting your life.

Call on 01869 811893 and talk it through or

Click on the link below

The Paloma Centre.

Call David

Just do it!

Call David and make that appointment on

01869 811893

Well done! That's the hard part over.

Armed Forces & Emergency Services Discount

To recognise, and to show support for, the outstanding work done by our armed services in impossible circumstances all over the world there is a discounted fixed price for all (ex) serving personnel showing I.D. This is extended to our emergency services for similar reasons.

01869 811893

The Paloma Centre.

Relaxation technique being demonstrated


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    • goo2eyes lm profile image

      goo2eyes lm 5 years ago

      so many people out there needs counselling.they don't know where to go or they don't even know that they have problems.

    • sushilkin lm profile image

      sushilkin lm 6 years ago

      Nice lens ! Thanks for sharing