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Counselling, Banbury & Bicester

Updated on November 5, 2014

Counselling in Banbury and Bicester area

Counselling is one of several life enhancing therapies that we practise at The Paloma Centre. Counselling can help you to:

Cope with life's challenges more adequately

Stop being a victim of other people's expectations and selfish requirements

Overcome the stress, fears and anxieties that have been limiting your life

Improve your self image and self esteem - value yourself as a unique individual

Improve personal relationships with friends, family and colleagues

Relax more in your home, work and social environments

Counselling is a supportive practice based upon an understanding relationship between client and counsellor whereby non-judgmental, unconditional positive regard is extended to the client in working through the issues surrounding a current concern. It does not necessarily take you back to look at root causes as with Psychotherapy. The counsellor acts as a supportive guide in helping the client to find their own preferred solution to their difficulty.

Counselling is often used in times of emotional or traumatic stress surrounding events such as divorce or personal loss, when we may be temporarily overcome by events or their resultant complexities; counselling is a valuable supportive therapy which can help us to see the issues involved and the way ahead more clearly.

To find out more why not visit our website at to read all about it or call us on 01295 812138.

The Paloma Centre adheres to practice guidelines set out by the regulatory body UKCP.


Counselling explained

Counselling can help you

overcome Lack of Confidence, Anxiety and Depression, help you to understand your potential and your possibilities and to move forward in life again.

Call David on 01295 812138 or visit our website at


Counselling - what does it do?

Counselling is often referred to as a "talking therapy" and is used as a personal support system in a very wide variety of circumstances. Perhaps one of the better known examples would be "Relate" who, as an organisation, specialise in marital or family oriented issues.

Person - Centred Counselling, devised by Carl Rogers and also called "Client-Centred" or "Rogerian" counselling, (the basis of "Counselling") embraces a largely non-directive approach, the therapist acting as a positive, supportive, non-judgemental guide in allowing the client to find their best way forward to their own preferred solution to the issues that concern them. Requiring a close, understanding and empathetic relationship between the client and therapist counselling allows the client to freely express their innermost thoughts, fears and emotions and thereby come to terms with that which is concerning them and from there, develop inner resources to cope with the issues involved. The accent is on helping the client to take responsibility for their own thoughts and deeds and developing self-confidence and self-reliance.

Eclectic Counselling

An eclectic counsellor will select what is applicable to the client from a range of theories, methods and practices. Justification is based on the theory that there is no proof that any one theoretical approach works better than all others for a specific problem. The Paloma Centre is focused on the Eclectic approach including various therapies more particularly detailed within the Psychotherapy section on the website at or call on 01295 812138.

Armed Forces and Emergency Services Discount

To recognise, and to show support for, the outstanding work done by our armed forces in impossible circumstances all over the world there is a discounted fixed price for all (ex) serving personnel showing I.D. This is extended to our emergency services for similar reasons.

01295 812138

The Paloma Centre.

Relaxing effect of counselling demonstrated



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    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 6 years ago

      Great introduction to counseling.

    • goo2eyes lm profile image

      goo2eyes lm 6 years ago

      you really know your trade. thanks for sharing these helpful lenses you have featured.

    • sushilkin lm profile image

      sushilkin lm 6 years ago

      Nice lens ! Thanks for sharing

    • theangusmcleod profile image

      theangusmcleod 8 years ago

      Great lens and wonderful work. My FIRST recommendation for therapy.

    • profile image

      BethErickson 9 years ago

      Hi! You have a great lens here. Very informative and motivational. Found your lens and I'm hoping we could extend our pages. I do counseling too. I'm putting you on my favorites. Hope you do it also. 5 stars for you. :)