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One cup of basil tea can save you from 08 physical problems

Updated on May 5, 2016

Its not a big deal if you have a basil tree on your small garden. This basil would help you from many different kinds of problems. Like, it will suck the poisonous air from the room, it would keep your house safe from mosquitoes and also it will spread a perfume to the air. These are very general things. But do you know, a cup of basil tea every single day can save you from 08 physical problems. Do you want to know what these problems are? Let's have a look.

One cup of basil tea can save you from 08 physical problems
One cup of basil tea can save you from 08 physical problems

1) It would stop your problems with breathing

Those who have problems like cold, coughing and Sinusitis, they must take a cup of basil tea everyday. It can give them relief as quickly as possible.

2) It reduces fever

If you drink basil tea as a medicine for your fever then you would get some good result. If you mix it with some spices then result could enhance.

4) It reduces bad cholesterol

Drinking a single cup of basil tea could reduce your bad cholesterol. The phyto-chemicals, antioxidant and organic compounds of basil does that on our body.

5) Reduces eye problems

Vitamin A and Beta carotene of basil is helpful for our eyes. It can save you from different eye sighting problems.

6) Save you from problems on your mouth and teeth

Basil has Vitamin C, which is a good problem solver for diseases on mouth. If you make a paste of basil leaves and use it on your teeth with the brush then it would be very much effective.

7) Reduce mental pressure

If you are on a mental pressure then you should drink basil tea everyday. This aromatic beverage can help you better to remove mental pressure.

8) Stops getting elder

Antioxidants and phyto-chemicals of basil stops our aging process. Vitamin and mineral within basil develop our immune system and prepare our body to fight diseases. So you body gets prepared to stop aging.


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