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Bath Transfer Bench is a Must Have Equipment for The Disabled

Updated on October 9, 2012

Bath transfer bench is a special bathroom equipment that is purposely designed to assist the elders and individuals whom are facing mobility challenge to bathe comfortably and easily. Safety is the main purpose or objective of having such equipment. It reduces the risk of getting injured when taking a bath in the shower.

As people grow older, we will naturally become weaker and even doing daily routines such as taking the shower will seem to be one of the dreadful things to do. Elderly people either need to be assisted when taking the shower or else entering the bathroom alone but risking of slipping and injuring themselves. The bathroom can quite be a dangerous place in the whole house due to the slippery floor and watery condition.

Now with a mobility aids such as handicap shower seat or a bath transfer bench for the use in a bath tub, the elders and handicapped can now clean or bathe themselves independently and most importantly, safely. The family members will not have to worry or concern about their safety when left alone in the bathroom. These bathroom aids are built with stability in mind, you can rest assure that they won't slip when being used during the shower.

Bath Transfer Bench
Bath Transfer Bench

How to use a bath transfer bench?

Using this piece of bathroom aids is very simple: just place it in a way where one side of the bench is sitting inside the bathtub while the other end out of it. To be more precise, the bath transfer bench is positioned where half of it sits on the floor while the other half inside the but. The user that use the bench will have to sit on the part of the bench which is positioned outside of the tub and once on it, he or she could slide across into the side inside the tub. In other words, the inside part act as a place for them to sit while bathing in the tub.

Even tough bath transfer bench is categorized as a medical equipment, that doesn't mean that it can be utilized by a normal person. Well, for people who do not like to stand on their feet for the whole shower session, a bench like this could be useful. Just place it in the tub and sit on the bench when the legs need to rest. Depending on the cost and preferences, a bath transfer bench usually has padded nylon contoured seat and soft back support so that the user can sit comfortably on it when bathing.

Getting A Bath Transfer Bench

As mentioned before, the bathtub transfer bench is specially designed with safety as the top priority. The legs of the bench are covered with rubber caps so that it won't slip during usage and this will definitely reduce the risk of falling down during a shower. To make it even better in accommodating the difference needs of users, the heights of the legs are also made adjustable. This is essential so that the height of the legs could be adjusted to accommodate the uneven structure of both the tub and floor. Moreover, this feature also allows the user to raise or lower the seat entirely depending on their needs and preferences.

Most of the bathtub transfer benches that are available in the market are made with aluminum frame, which are better choice since metal frame like this is sturdier and stronger than other materials. Aluminum also look more presentable and won't get rusty easily.

There are different models and designs of bath transfer bath for everyone to choose from. Most likely, the choice depends entirely on the user's budget and need. A bench that comes with nylon seat will cost more than the one that come with just a plastic seat. Other feature such as safety belt and padded back support will definitely make it even more expensive.

In short, the cost of a bath transfer bench depends entirely on the type and features that it has. The better bench will definitely be more expensive and so if you are just looking for a normal bath transfer bench that could accommodate your needs, you can easily get one for fewer than 100 bucks on amazon. Amazon is the best place for buying such mobility aids as most of the time, they will have special discounts or deals that you won't find elsewhere.


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