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Effective Anger Management Techniques

Updated on July 24, 2017

Once in a while or pretty often, you may find yourself in rough emotional weather. You may feel you have been hijacked by anger and rage.

Anger is a frightening, sudden and violent emotion; however, meditating using essential oils helps calm down and let go of anger. This technique helps one understand the mind and influences the body-mind-soul complex to bring about positive changes in life.

If you are consumed by anger about a particular person or a specific situation, meditation is a wonderful way to cal down, compose yourself and get some perspective on the situation as well as your emotions.

Anger is a Destructive Emotion

Anger, fury and resentment cannot be overcome by expressing them. They can only be transformed through compassion, tolerance, forbearance and patience. Anger is a complex issue and may have diverse and subtly inter-related causes.

The emotion "anger" can encompass a range of emotions: insecurity, lack of self-confidence, vengeance, retaliation, rage, worry, fury, wrath, resentment, annoyance, bitterness and hatred.

Don't Get Burned Out!

Aromatherapy for Rage

Aromatherapy is a wonderful instrument which helps you to dispel all negative and counter-productive emotions. Essential oils help calm the mind, soothe frayed nerves and promote tranquility.

The essential oils that battle rage and anger successfully are lavender, ylang-ylang, marjoram, frankincense, chamomile, and rose. These aroma oils help banish anger, clear your mind, and spread joy.

Essential Oils Calm You

Integrating Aromatherapy and Meditation to Dispel Anger

Meditation with the appropriate aroma oils is an excellent way to effectively deal with anger. But one must remember that a regular and sustained practice is a must to overcome anger.

The meditation technique:

  • Float one of the above mentioned essential oils over the water of an aroma oil burner.
  • Sit comfortably.
  • Watch the breath for a few minutes.
  • Become aware of the vaporizing essential oils. Take in the wonderful aroma.
  • Bring to mind the feelings of anger and resentment and their possible cause. Do not repress the thoughts. Do not judge them.
  • Acknowledge the anger, but, try to let go of the emotion.
  • Now, imagine the essential oils entering the body and soothing the irate nerves. Imagine the oils softening the heart and bringing solace to the emotions.
  • Try to calm down and see the unproductive and fruitless nature of the emotion and/or the cause. Drop the unwanted baggage.
  • Quite the mind and focus on the breathing.
  • Gradually, end the session.

One can practice this technique after an angry outburst, or after suppression of the anger, but when the fury still rages within, or even after the moment has passed.

Meditation is an amazing tool to create peace and calmness. It enables you to compose yourself and soothe frayed nerves. The most wonderful benefit of meditation is that it heals as well as transforms the negative, destructive emotions and promotes compassion. The essential oils greatly enhance the experience. The vaporizing oils create a suitable environment to introspect, meditate and contemplate. Thus, effective anger management promotes and supports a healthy body, mind and soul.

Lavender, Frankinsense and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils Make You Feel Peaceful and Tranquil


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