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be at one with your true self

Updated on September 6, 2012

Spiritual advice given through free writing

The winds will whisper the keys to life if the ears are open to hear. The whisps of the breath of life enter into thyself through a force that is stonger than nature. It's through this breath of life that ones eyes will see clearly. Many secrets are held within all that clear eyes view. Don't let thy eyes fog with falsehoods for if one does thy may walk a rocky road with many obstacles that will hurt thyself in many a ways.
There are no secrets to one who is one with all that is. Messages flutter by on the wings of freedom and soar to the heavens above. Grasp those winged secrets to engulf oneself on a journey guided by the hearts of angels to a place where peace reigns high.
The solitude of silence is golden to thy ear and the mind will think clearly for there is no fog to cloud the way. One will never truly be free if engulfed by the golden yet tarnished era of humankind. Thy soul will tarnish and the brightness of ones true self will fade and fade so sadly that thyself will never know its true source of being.
Thy self has all its needs in front of thy eyes. Its there within the buzz of the bee and within the shell of the snail. A keen awareness knows all that is and cannot be told otherwise. A keen self knows the way of life and lives behind a sometimes silent voice that sheds no sounds but yet the eyes watch from a distance. Miracles unfold to thyself and to all if they care to take a journey to the core of their soul. Many will not walk the journey for fear of the unknown and such a loss are those who do not know and tears are shed from those who know for their great loss. If thyself is open to receive, the messages will be brought forth within secrets to be decoded. A clear eye will see true beauty within the road that they walk. A keen ear will hear the sounds that calm the soul. The pieces of the puzzle are placed together to orchestrate a dance of miracles all around thyself. This dance will energize oneself and youthfulness will remain and decrepidness will not enter to rot ones soul. (The words just came to me and onto the page they went) Enjoy!


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