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Be Aware Of Your Happiness

Updated on April 13, 2014

I used to be someone who was always waiting for happiness. I wasn't aware that happiness was right there all the time; I chose not to acknowledge it.

If you are someone who is waiting for happiness to appear, then I can bet you that happiness is likely going to always evade you.

Are You Waiting For Happiness Through:

  • obtaining a better job.
  • having more kids.
  • losing weight.
  • inheriting some money
  • getting recognized for the valuable person you are
  • figuring out what you want in life

There really is no end to this list. If you cannot be aware of your happiness right now, then you will always be waiting for something to make you happy. There is no two ways about it. You may experience a bit of happiness here and there, but you will never be truly happy.

And the ironic thing is that when we get the better job or lose more weight, we are not necessarily happier. We feel good about it, but we have not found the happiness that we have been searching for.

That's because you have to be aware of your happiness right now in order to really be happy.

Do You Feel Like You Are Waiting For Happiness?

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It's Okay to Be Aware of How Happy You Are!
It's Okay to Be Aware of How Happy You Are!

How To Be Aware of Your Happiness Right Now

There are so many ways to open up your awareness about the gifts and blessings you have around you right now. And the great thing is that once you start to practice being aware of the good things you have now, you won't have to 'practice' it anymore.

You will just be happy.

10 Different Tips on How to Be Aware of Your Happiness Right Now

1. Think Differently

We all do this. We think about what has happened or what is going to happen, but we forget to think about WHAT IS HAPPENING. Yikes! When you focus on what has happened you live in a state of regret or wishing. When you focus on what will happen, you live in state of anxiety, worry, or fear. It is hard to be aware of your happiness when you are regretting, wishing, worrying, or fearing something.

You have to start to think differently and live in the now. Focus your thoughts towards what you are doing right now, the people and things around you, and be grateful for everything that you see, hear, and smell.

For instance, don't take that beautiful scenery for granted. Instead of thinking about the future, take the time to really soak in the sight of what is around you. Or, another example that may dad reminded me of is enjoying the smells around you.

My dad remembers going into his grandpa's house as a kid and smelling bread baking. As a kid, you tend to really notice those smells, which is why he remembers it so clearly. Be that kid now and relish in the smell of the bread. Don't take any moment for granted.

2. Write Down Why You Are Grateful

I like to write. But even I didn't, I would still write down what I am grateful for. Why? Because it helps me to be aware of my happiness right now. It helps me to see what good things I had or did during the day, and appreciate them whole-heatedly.

Only write down the good things from your day, and make sure you come up with at least 5 things. For example, mine normally looks like this:

August 21, 2012

Today I am grateful for:

  1. My dog trying very hard to please me and walk without screaming
  2. My fans that are keeping me cool
  3. The garden cucumbers that are waiting for me to eat
  4. Coming up with a new hub ;)
  5. The ability to work from my couch

Those are just five things, and it is only 11:14 right now. So you can see how easy it will be to find at least 5 things to be grateful for. By the way, I use a pretty pink book to write what I am grateful for in.

3. Prioritize Things in Your Mind

Stop focusing on things that don't really matter and start focusing on things that do. For instance, my priorities used to be like this: men, friends, family, worrying, partying, and relaxation.

Now they are a little different. They include happiness, family (including my dogs), friends, relaxation, and success. All of those things make me feel good, so they are at the top of my list. They are the things that I focus on throughout my day in order to be aware of my happiness right now.

Wasting time on rude people, negative situations, or failures is not something I have time for. I want to live my life with happiness in each moment, and if those negative things because

4. Don't Let Little Things Drag You Down

There are books out there called don't sweat the small stuff and they are popular for a reason. There is a lot of small things that happen to us throughout the day. A dirty look, a negative encounter, a rude driver...the list goes on and on.

If you sweat the small stuff, then you can easily end up feeling negative and unhappy throughout your day. It is hard to be aware of your happiness when you are constantly focusing on every little thing that comes into your life. And worse, small things can turn into huge things if you let them. For instance, if you focus on the 2 pounds you gained today, then you can easily start to worry about that and let it drag into tomorrow, and the next day, and soon you may become obsessed over your weight - all because of 2 pounds.

5. Don't Drag On Negative Things (or Anything)

If you have to do something that you know will not feel good (like see your mother-in-law for instance) then don't drag on the moment. When you do that, there is no way you will ever be aware of your happiness right now - you will be too focused on the dreaded event to come.

Not only that, but procrastination is exhausting. It can drain your energy that you could be using for more productive things that make you happy.

6. Get a Life

Maybe you can't be aware of your happiness because you are constantly doing things you hate. If that's the case, then get a new life!

For instance, if you work at a job you hate, then it can be very hard to grateful for or aware of the good things around you. This is where you have to decide if you want to really be happy with your life. If you do, then you are going to have to take some action to get the life you want. Figure out what would make you happy and go for that. You will be happy in the process of trying to be happy (I know that's a mouthful) and, in the end, you will love the fact that you did it.

7. Don't Be Like Your Neighbor, Sister, Brother, or Friend

When you try to be like someone else, then you can constantly feel as though you are not where you need to be in order to feel happy. This makes it very hard to be aware of your happiness (the things you should be grateful for) right now.

Just because your neighbor has an expensive deck, doesn't mean you need one in order to be happy. When you compare yourself with other people, you can start to desire things you never knew you wanted. But usually this just comes from jealousy, ego and greed - not happiness. Those things won't make you happy unless you are happy right now.

8. Just Say No!

The wonder of the word no! It has the power to give you the freedom you have been looking for and help you be aware of your happiness right now.

For instance, a friend of mine always said yes to her husband.

  • Yes, I can cook you dinner
  • Yes, I can clean the house
  • Yes, I can pick you up your favorite food
  • Yes, yes, yes....

She also had kids that she said yes to.

Then one day she said no. I won't do this FOR YOU because I have something else that I want to do that would make me happy. Once she started doing this she was able to be aware of the things that actually brought her happiness. She started to think about herself instead of her husband.

If you are not going to cause a life or death situation, and there is something else you would rather do that would make you happy - then just say no!

9. Appreciate The Bonds in Your Life

Friendships, family, pets, lovers - these are all bonds that offer us a place to share who we really are. Every day I see first hand how lonely people are without connection in their lives, and how their happiness does not mean as much because they have no one to share it with.

I personally love my husband and the bond that we have. He is a place to share my dreams, fears, anger - and above all else happiness. He helps me to be aware of my happiness instead of focus on my negative moments. Cherish the relationships you have like that, and if you don't have any like that, then go find some. You will see what a difference it makes in your life.

10. Let it All Out!

Don't pretend like everything is okay when it's not. Trying to force yourself to be aware of your happiness is not going to work.

If you are angry - scream. If you are sad - cry. If you are lonely - feel lonely. Don't try to pretend like you are not these things for the sake of happiness because all you are doing is stifling your true feelings.

If you want to be happy, then you have to admit the things that don't make you happy and change them. For instance, if your friend screw you over in some way then holding onto the negative feelings that come from that can cause you to feel bad for a long time to come. However, if you confront your friend, and talk it through, then chances are you can quickly move past the issue and start focusing on your happiness again.


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    • Relationshipc profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      Thanks for commenting Rolly: I can't picture you negative at all! :) But I'm glad you were able to switch up your viewpoint.

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 

      5 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Relationshipc... thanks for this and the advice and yes when one stops and looks at themselves they sometime discover things they do not like.

      I was once a very negative person and it all changed when I stopped blaming everyone else and started to look at the me in me.

      Amazing what happens when you truly apply the positive to the negative and see the better side of the situation.

      Hugs from Canada

    • angelskies profile image


      6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      This is such a great hub, very inspiring. I wrote a lot of quotes in my journal, thanks!

    • Relationshipc profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      I agree sue. Thanks for reading.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi Relationshipc

      I think we our responsible for our own happiness and we should do what we need to do to live a fulfilled life.

      Voted up and away

      Take care :)

    • Relationshipc profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      Yes I've noticed that about Billy Victoria :) That's why I like him so much. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    • Victoria Lynn profile image

      Victoria Lynn 

      6 years ago from Arkansas, USA

      Bill really does do this! If only everyone did. I appreciate the reminders. We have to make sure our happiness happens right now, not down the road. It's the journey! Lovely hub!

    • Relationshipc profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      Thanks billy. :)

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      6 years ago from Olympia, WA

      No waiting for this boy; I am happy, and grateful, each and every day. Great message!


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