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Being Emergency Prepared

Updated on August 21, 2014

In Case of Emergency

Not many people give much thought into what will happen to them in an emergency situation ! Taking a little time to educate yourself, and learn how to make simple steps of preparedness, can literally save your families life.

Do not think it only happens to others. There are many things out there we need to watch for, both natural and man made disasters.

Do you have a family plan for meeting up ? Do you know what a bug out bag is for, and where to store it ?

Do you have enough food to last ? How about water and sanitary supplies stored up ? Do you have the means to defend yourself, or become a victim ? Do you think everybody will be friendly and nice during shortages ? Really ?

What can you do then ? Do you know how to be prepared for emergencies ? How can I prepare ?

Survival Gear List - Things to have on hand

If you do not know what a bug out bag is, it is real simple. This is a backpack, box, crate, small suitcase, etc. filled with supplies for emergency use only. A backpack is best as you can sling it on your back and move, leaving your hands free. Usually it's a good idea to keep one in the trunk of every vehicle you own.

These usually contain some bottled water, energy bars and nuts and dry protein snacks, some spare medications/prescriptions you need. You should have hand warmers depending upon where you are, spare clothes, shoes, jackets, and 1st aid kit for sure. waterproof matches or lighter and some fire starter. You should make this bag as light as possible but enough for at least 72 hrs. This will be your travel survival lifeline !

For home you should have the same, only a very much much bigger version as a very broad description !!

For Contaminated Water Supplies

Emergencies and Disasters - Stocking Up Your Home

If you look on the FEMA ( Federal Emergency Management Agency) website, they recommend everyone to have at least a 2 week supply of food and water saved up. Now in contrast if you were to look at The Mormon Church's website, they are telling their followers that they should have a 3 month supply stocked up. So aside from the two of them, you might be wise to go for around a months supply. Hopefully whatever crisis that has happened, that has been so great in scale to where people have cleaned out all the store shelves, would be solved in a matter of a few weeks. I personally am not with FEMA, and I am not with the Mormon Church, so a months storage supplies minimum, would be the guide I would follow too.

You do not have to break the bank getting all stocked up either. I mean you could run out and buy all this stuff at once, but you don't have too. Every time you go to the store, just purchase some extra food for your storage area. Build it a little at a time.

Things you might want to consider.

Are you Prepared ?

Family friendly ?

No matter what the disaster might be, we all should be ready for anything ! With bug out bags in our cars, supplies at home, a family plan on where and how to meet up, and the means to protect ourselves...survival will be greatly improved. Believe it or not but there are a lot of people who do not even consider this. These are the ones who feel that this kind of thing always happen in another country, or state, or a different town. It just will not happen to them. The other guy syndrome.

Surprisingly enough there are many people who don't even know how to begin to prepare for a disaster. Or they feel the government will take care of them and their needs. They will do their best I am sure but even the first responders can only do so much. It also helps them out if we are prepared to be self sufficient as it frees them up for other duties.

Does this start you thinking ?

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