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Belly Dancing, A Fun Fitness Workout

Updated on February 18, 2017
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I took bellydance lessons and performed, then became interested in costume. The historical relationship of dance and culture is fascinating.

Picture Yourself Dancing

Picture Yourself Dancing
Picture Yourself Dancing

Belly Dancing, A Way To Keep Fit

Sure, you can do some miles on a treadmill, but why not shed some pounds and get your cardiovascular system in gear while having some fun? Learning to belly dance will add something different to your fitness routine. You will use core muscles to shape up, and the mild moves improve your flexibility. Combine with yoga and other forms of exercise for a workout that will keep you motivated and fit for life.

Here is a little inspiration to get yourself started.


Belly Dance Benefits

Dance Stress Away

Bellydance to get fit

Belly dance movements are gentle on your joints, but that doesn't mean you won't work up a sweat!

  • Provides a cardiovascular workout
  • You can burn the same number of calories belly dancing as you burn while walking, bicycling or swimming
  • Belly dancing is a recognized type of low- and moderate-intensity aerobic exercise
  • Can strengthen core muscles and alleviate back pain
  • It is believed to massage your internal organs and help with digestion
  • contributes to a sense of relaxation
  • contributes to a sense of body acceptance

Give Your Belly Muscles A Workout

Give Your Belly Muscles A Workout
Give Your Belly Muscles A Workout

Combine Belly Dance and Yoga - It is a natural partnership

Vibram Women's Classic Fresca Green Yellow White 39
Vibram Women's Classic Fresca Green Yellow White 39

These are the most comfortable dance and workout shoes ever!


Vibram Shoes Spell Workout Comfort - They should be on your workout wishlist

I first bought a pair of these for exercise workouts, and then bought a second pair of heavier duty ones for outdoors. You wouldn't believe how great they are and how comfortable! Worth every penny- they are on many fitness trainer's wish lists! ( One such wish list was where I first encountered them).

My Vibram Shoe Review

Most of the time practices were done just with socks. Socks on a smooth dance floor don't provide much traction, and they pick up dirt quickly. A pair of shoes that are flexible enough for dance might be dance sandals, but those are very expensive and tend to wear out.

The Vibram shoes were the perfect answer for Baladi style workouts. Plus they are useful for yoga, too. The separated toes are perfect for the way the foot needs to stay ground for most of the moves, it really is better than barefoot!

Simple Tips

photo by Meredith James Johnstone
photo by Meredith James Johnstone

Hip Scarf helps focus on the hip movements - Unitard keeps it simple and comfy

What to wear for a bellydance workout?

Wear regular workout clothes, and simply add a coin or fringe hip scarf.

You can use the finger cymbols to keep time, if you wish, but it isn't necessary for your fitness routine.

Socks or vibram shoes, rather than clunky tennis shoes, are best.

Be sure to warm up your muscles

If there is no warm up included in your class time or workout tape ( that would be unusual, but it happens), take about five minutes to warm up your body with stretches and limbering up. Even walking in place is a great warm up.

Inspire your workout with world music

Many types of music get your hips shaking and that movement going. Arabic music, Latin music, and World fusion sounds like Shakira's 'Hips don't Lie' will get you moving even while doing the laundry! Make yourself a workout tape just for your bellydance moves.

Online Workout

See What You Could Be Experiencing - Simple Workouts Online

But it is a lot more fun to have your own DVDs, to stop and start and view on a larger screen.

Belly Dance Moves

You will notice they are a part of lots of dancing style- from Latin to Hip Hop.

Always check with your health care practitioner

There might be some special precautions for you to be mindful of...

Belly dance is among the mildest and most low impact forms of exercise, but whenever taking up a new form of exercise it is wise to get some professional input on what is best for you.

Most exercise tapes advise you to do this, since it is impossible to foresee implications for each individual's case. However, be aware that the basic belly dance moves are among the safest and most low impact. They improve flexibility and circulation.

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Are You Hip to Belly Dance Fitness? - Let us know!

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    • Ilonagarden profile image

      Ilona E 5 years ago from Ohio

      @malena10: Try it- I bet you will enjoy the movement and the results.

    • malena10 profile image

      malena10 5 years ago

      I love to dance, but I don't know Belly Dance ;)