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Benefiber Weight Loss- Benefiber Review

Updated on November 16, 2011

Benefiber Weight Loss- About Fiber

A benefiber review of my experience using Benefiber fiber supplement.

Most people know that fiber is vital for maintaining good health and many people already take a fiber supplement. What fewer people recognise is that a fiber supplement like benefiber can actually aid weight loss too as well as good health. Benefiber weight loss wasn't actually what we were looking for when my family started buying this product, it was just a happy side effect!

Currently the American Dietetic Association recommends that Americans should aim to consume between 20-35 grams of fiber per day. However, on average Americans only consume about half that amount.

Natural fiber sources include fruit, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and cereals. Ideally, we would obtain all of our dietary fiber from these sources. For most people though, it simply isn't possible to eat enough of these foods in our busy lives to get all of the fiber that we need. The result of this can be constipation, weight gain, blood sugar fluctuations and nausea or tiredness. A lack of soluble fiber ( the kind our body can absorb) can mean we have higher cholesterol, whilst insoluble fiber moves through our body aiding our digestive system.

One of the key aspects of eating enough fiber is that it helps to create a feeling of satiety (or fullness) which reduces our appetite.

Great natural Sources Of Fibre
Great natural Sources Of Fibre

My Own Benefiber Experience

Originally I bought Benefiber for my husband. As somebody that travels frequently for work he would often encounter digestive issues and his doctor advised him to add additional fiber to his diet. Our diet is fairly good but by no means perfect, so rather than having a diet overhaul I ordered some benefiber in the orange drink formula.

My husband began drinking this orange benefiber, starting with one drink a day and building up to four drinks a day over a period of a couple of weeks.

The first thing that he noticed was a dramatic improvement in his digestive and stomach issues, but over a period of a few weeks we also noticed that he started to lose weight. It was very gradual at first, and in truth my husband is not a man who weighs himself too regularly, but after about five weeks on weighing himself he noticed that he had lost about 6 pounds.

In the meantime I had also noticed that he was not snacking as much- something that he put down to not being as hungry.

On his next trip back to his gp he mentioned that not only was he feeling better but that he had also lost weight. Our gp informed him that this would be on account of the additional fiber in his diet which has the effect of making you feel full.

On hearing this news I immediately decided to also try Benefiber- I certainly need to lose weight more than my husband!

I stuck with the orange powder that I had bought for him. In fact, despite my fear that it might be gritty or slimy, the drink tasted similar to fanta or sunkist but without the fizz. As something of a sugarholic I was perfectly happy with this.

On starting it I could immediately see what my husband meant. If I drank it after a meal it gave me a feeling of almost unpleasant fullness, I actually didn't enjoy the feeling. However, if I drank it between meals, or before I ate it blunted my hunger and made me feel fuller much quicker. As a person who loves to eat, but generally overeats this was great news.

Benefiber Weight Loss - The results

By following a program of drinking four benefiber drinks a day ( the maximum recommended amount) I quickly began to lose weight without making any other changes to my diet. My benefiber weight loss actually started almost immediately.

Although it wasn't drastic weight loss- I only ever lost 1-2 pounds a week- it was steady and it was done without feeling hungry!

There were some drawbacks. The first two to three days that I began trying Benefiber I found that not only did I have a slightly uncomfortable fullness I also woke up with more wind in the morning! However, by introducing it slowly and gradually building up to more fiber after a few days these problems went away and I felt perfectly normal, just not as hungry.

Forms Of Benefiber

I used the Benefiber orange drink which I found pleasant, sweet and easy to drink. However for people that are not keen on drinking their fiber in this form there are other types of benefiber available.

Benefiber Powders include:

  • Original
  • Orange
  • Heart Health
  • Plus Calcium
  • Childrens

Chewable Benefiber comes in the following forms:

  • Original- orange cream
  • Original- assorted flavours
  • Plus calcium chewables

Benefiber Stick packs:

  • Taste free stick packs
  • Kiwi Strawberry stick packs
  • Citrus Punch Stick Packs
  • Cherry Pomegranate Stick Packs
  • Raspberry Tea Stick Packs

Benefiber Caplets:

  • Original
  • Plus heart health

As I said my family have tried only the Benefiber orange powder that is added to water to make a drink. However, we have found this to be grit free, tasty, and the perfect aid to benefiber weight loss.

On this page to the right and below you will find links to where Benefiber can be bought on Clicking on any of the links will take you to Amazon where you can also see a wide range of other Benefiber products at very competitive prices. Alternatively Benfiber is available from most good pharmacies.

Benefiber also comes in tablets and caplets. I must confess that I have not tried it in this form so I do not know whether it would have the same effect of making you feel as full. When I have my Benefiber drinks four times a day, psychologically it almost feels like having a diet drink, so I'm not sure whether or not I would get the same benefit from Benefiber tablets or caplets. 

Benefiber Advertising

How I wish Benefiber could make my stomach look!

Which Diet Works Best For You?

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