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Updated on May 26, 2016

Litchi fruit is one of a kind pieces that are familiar to us. This fruit comes from southern China that has temperate subtropics. Litchi fruit still included family of rambutan and lychee. Although the taste, shape and skin color is certainly different from both. This fruit has a unique taste. Litchi trees can grow at an altitude about 350 meters to 900 meters, and is widely cultivated in Java. Areas suitable for cultivation of litchi fruit is an area that has a wet climate, rather wet, and normal. However, litchi trees also need sunlight. Therefore, the tree should not be protected by other trees when planted. Although fruit litchi fruit slightly larger than a marble, but the tree is very tall, big and has strong wooden rod. The roots are also very strong, so it is not easy to collapse even though winds were quite strong. The leaves are green and have many branches. Based on the variety, litchi is divided into two part, namely litchi stone and litchi kopyor . Litchi kopyor more cheaper price because quality is under litchi stone. Litchi stone is of the highest quality. The fruit is large, flesh too thick. His skin was light brown and feels a bit rough.

In addition to varieties, litchi also have differences in type, namely:

1. Female Litchi: Litchi has only the pistil (the female genitalia in plants) that will be going to pieces

2. Litchi male: female inversely with litchi, litchi has only stamens (male genitals in plants) that will produce sperm for pollination

3. Hermaphrodite Litchi: litchi has a flower containing pistils and stamens. So that this kind of litchi fruit sometimes, and sometimes not

4. Litchi flowering females and males: litchi this type have two interests in a tree. Litchi females have pistils and stamens have a male litchi

Litchi fruit is a small fruit, but rich in benefits, particularly for health. Such as accelerating the healing of a disease by preventing damage to cells caused by toxins that enter the body. Controlling iron in the body so it does not become anemia. Soothe and improve brain function, reduce fatigue and prolonged stress thus preventing insomnia (difficulty sleeping). Better to consumed for those who want to diet because litchi have low calories. Increase endurance so as not susceptible to the flu causes fever. And the most important is the litchi fruit serves to reduce the risk of cancer and stroke

Because of litchi trees have deep roots and are capable of storing water reserves, the litchi trees will not die of drought. Many countries that import the litchi fruit to Indonesia. Litchi fruit imports is big than the litchi fruit in our own country. But why, local litchi fruit tastes much sweeter and fresher


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