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Benefits Of Beetroots

Updated on February 15, 2016

Beetroots are an edible vegetable that contains magnesium, iron, vitamin A, C, B6, nitrate, potassium, iron. It can be had raw or cooked without removing the peel. Beetroots are often referred as beet, and can be found throughout the year. Consumption of beetroot or it's juice improves blood flow, bowel movement and lowers blood pressure.

Proper blood supply to the brain cells ensure that you stay away from depression, stress, headaches and other mental disorders.

There are many juices and drinks coming up on the market which are substituting this natural source of vitamins and minerals.

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Just like most fruits and vegetables, beetroots also improve skin complexion, promote hair growth, reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, various cancers, heart disorders and so on.

Due to high fiber content in them, beetroots prevent constipation and improve the overall functioning of the digestive tract. Beetroot juice can be combined with a number of other ingredients such as carrots, ginger, mint etc.

Beetroot acts as a coloring agent in many foods and beverages due to its dark color. Beetroot extracts can be added to your hair color for a natural hair dye. It contains carotenoids which give your hair a shiny look along with adding volume.

Here are a few more benefits of beetroot:

  • Has antioxidants in abundance

  • Has ample of nutrients

  • Controls level of cholesterol

  • Helps in weight loss and weight management

  • Purifies blood


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