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Benefits Of Drinking Beer

Updated on March 11, 2014

Health benefits of beer

Beer our favorite drink that quenches our thirst is the god sent sweet nectar.
It is good news for Beer drinkers. You will be amazed to know that your favorite brew besides quenching your thirst has many health benefits.

Now you rejoice your beer without guilt, provided you drink in moderation.

Ideal Beer Consumption For Health Benefits

The beer is healthy as long as one drinks in limits. Excess of anything is bad. High amount of drinking will negate good health benefits.The moderate levels are as follows

1) Ideal female consumption is one 12 ounce glass per day.

2) Ideal male consumption is one to two 12 ounce glass per day.

Most Important Benefits of Beer

There are some serious reasons as why we should drink beer. Health benefits are as follows

1) Leads to Stronger bone
Those who drank beer in moderation lead to stronger bone health. As beer contains high silicon content. Silicon is related to strong bone formation. But if you drank too much of beer instead of giving benefits it lead to high fracture risks.

2) Good for Heart.
Beer consumption increases good cholesterol ( HDP) levels and reduces bad cholesterol (LDL). Your blood pressure is lowered and there is thinning of blood. The risk of artery clogging is reduced,thus the danger of heart attack is lowered. Now your heart is stronger and fit.

3) Healthy Kidneys
Beer consumption hinders calcium released from bones into kidney. Excess calcium leads to stone formation in kidneys. Beer is diuretic in nature combined with high water content. Drinking beer cleans your kidney.Thus making your kidneys healthy

4) Brain booster
Brain diseases like Alzheimer and other dementia related problems are kept at bay. Good brain health is ensured

5) Nutrition punch
Beer boosts nutrition punch in your body as it contains many vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B, calcium, silicon, magnesium, selenium etc

6)Diabetes Risk Reduction
Diabetes Type 2 risk is reduced by 25% on moderate beer drinking. But when drinking too much, it does not give any such benefits.

7)Reduces Cancer Risk
Hops in beer contains Xanthohumol which leads to cancer chemoprevention.

8)Long life
When one is protected from heart diseases, cancer, stroke and diabetes it leads to longer healthy life.

Enjoy beer in moderation to avail the above health benefits. Remember one thing excess of everything is bad.

Beer Recipes


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