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Benefits of Rose Hip Essential Oils

Updated on January 18, 2017

About Rose Hip Oil and its Extraction

As compared to other types of essential oils, rose hip is relatively new but is also one of the fastest rising in popularity now that more people are beginning to realize its wonderful benefits. The term rose hip basically refers to the seed pods that remains after the leaves of the rose bush have fallen off. These are therefore used for extracting the essential oils using the cold pressing method. The best recommended varieties of the rose plant used for gathering rose hips and extracting high quality essential oil is the Rosa rugosa, which is the scientific name for Japanese rose.

This essential oil is not volatile though and can therefore be quite expensive to buy due to its scarcity. Hence, you need to beware when buying rose hip essential oils in the market to ensure that you are not getting the adulterated version.

Useful Properties

Rose hip essential is rich in various helpful and therapeutic properties, which make them ideal for use in aromatherapy. Below are some of the properties found in the oil that enable it to be utilized for a wide range of health applications:

*Vitamin C: This particular vitamin property is one of the highest property found in rose hip essential oil's natural chemical composition. In every 100g dried form of rose hip oil, you can get as much as 1700-200mg of vitamin C. However, the vitamin content of the extracted oil from the rose hip varies based on the variety used for extraction, growing conditions and practices for that plant source, harvesting procedures, and the storage practices for the oil. Hip rose oils extracted from plants grown in cooler climates are said to produce the highest amount of vitamin C.

*Essential Fatty Acids: This is another highly praised property found in most oils and food products, which can produce a wide range of health benefits. One particular specie of rose plant, rose mosquetta, is said to consist of about 80% essential fatty acid. Thus, it is widely used as an ingredient for several anti-aging products due to its ability to promote skin regeneration and smoothen fine lines on your skin.

Rose Hip Essential oil For Skin Care

The most popular benefits when using rose hip essential oil regards natural skin care. The essential fatty acids and vitamin C content of the oil are all useful in improving your skin's ability to regenerate and rejuvenate itself. In fact, aromatherapy experts believe that it can be a reliable alternative to common skin or moisturizing cream, whether or not you dilute it. Although considered as non-irritant, make sure to perform a patch test using a small quantity of the oil on discreet areas of the body to ensure you don't develop allergies.

In addition to the anti-aging effects of using the oil on your skin, rose hip essential oil can also be used to treat common skin disorders. Applying rose hip oil on your skin helps firm up your skin to avoid skin sagging that comes with aging, fights wrinkles for a young looking skin, and speed up the healing of scars and burns. Some of the skin disorders that can be treated with rose hip oil include eczema, scarring, keloid formation, acne, dry skin, and sun damaged skin.

Videos on Rose Hip Essential Oil

Cure For Stress and Depression

When used in aromatherapy, you can utilize the relaxing and calming effect that the aroma of the oil produces on your body to cure depression and chronic stress. The recommended species to extract rose hip oils that deliver the same effect are R.gallica and R.centifolia. Although it might produce a relaxing effect on your nervous system to cope with the aforementioned conditions, it must be avoided for use on pregnant women.

Internal Health Benefits

There are so many wonderful health benefits that rose hip essential oil can bring to give your overall health system a boost. Some of those benefits are listed below:

  • Rose hip oil also makes a wonderful daily supplement that can boost your body's ability to protect itself against a wide range of diseases including urinary bladder infection, chronic diarrhea, dizziness, kidney failure, rheumatoid arthritis, constipation, gastritis, infertility, among others.
  • Rose hip is also rich in iron and when you use it for preparing tea can improve women's condition while replenishing lost blood supply during menstruation.
  • When used alongside your antibiotic therapy, rose hip oil can boost the amount of good bacteria in your digestive system and creating a balancing effect on the destruction of harmful bacteria in your system.
  • Rose hip oil helps to stabilize your nervous system.

How Effective is Rose Hip Oil?

The wide range of application for rose hip oil has indeed proven the oil's effectiveness in treating skin diseases and other health conditions. In fact, several modern cosmetic products utilize it during manufacture as an ingredient due to its rich vitamin C content and being a natural anti-aging product.

Some other useful chemical constituents that help deliver the benefits of using rose hip oil to your health include citric acid, flavonoids, linoleic acid, lycopene, pectin, protein, vitamin E, among others. The oil can also be used as natural diuretic and astringent as it is rich in the said properties.

Application Methods

The use of rose hip essential oil is very easy and therefore require no more devices or aromatherapy accessories for you to enjoy the benefits of its essences. There are two highly recommended applications for rose hip oil, which enable your body to quickly absorb its essential properties:

*Massage – Massaging rose hip oil against your skin is ideal not only for skin care, but also in addressing skin problems. The healing properties from the oil reverses the effects of distressed or damaged skin. You can therefore use the oil on its own or mix it with a carrier oil to enhance the health of your skin.

*Topical Application – You can also use rose hip oil as alternative to your cream or lotion due to its rejuvenating and nourishing effect on your skin. Aside from that, the oil properties are absorbed by your skin in the process and can therefore act on your internal health system to produce its corresponding health effects.

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