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best 2000 calorie a day diet you should follows at least two months

Updated on May 31, 2016

In a study conducted by the American site "Health News" for the most appropriate plan for the balanced and successful health, the results revealed that the plan called DASH, which requires monitoring who enters the body 2000 calories a day is best for the health of the most balanced and also good to get a great result after taken at least two months.

2000 calorie a day diet

200calorie a day diet
200calorie a day diet | Source

This diet allows eating a healthy and balanced contain various minerals, protein, fiber, carbohydrates, allowed With this diet does not prevent the same thing followed.
What you eat and how it works DASH diet?

It is known that the woman acted like normal 2000 calories per day, and the man going over. In any case, this diet is touted Palmtoazinh They also have great advantages added to the weight loss, which it controls blood pressure and make it healthy and spoil significantly in diabetic patients to adjust the sugar to them, and reduce the abdomen with time health.

dash diet 2000 calorie diet
dash diet 2000 calorie diet | Source

It is a system of two thousand calories a day or 2000 calories, as we said. And TVSM those calories per week between six to eight servings of grains, and four to five vegetables and fruits and two servings to three meals of milk or skim milk fat milk, plus six servings or less of fat-free meat, chicken or fish? Can practice and dietary nuts and fruits are calculated four times per week quantities, sweets once a week. All this that Thspa exactly how many calories your body enters a day. It's easy with the Internet, which is available on many different Shrat tables in different types of food.


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