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Best Acne Detox Treatment Program - Results in 21 Days

Updated on September 21, 2014

What is 21 Day Anti Acne Detox Diet Program?

The best acne detox treatment is not about using expensive creams or lotions but to prevent the onset of acne causing hormones and stop breakouts. My 21 day anti acne program will help reduce acne breakouts by lowering the production of acne hormones.

Acne can plague anyone's life. It reduces your self-confidence and ruins your social life. Not only does acne adversely affect your self-esteem, but it also poses harmful threats and diseases to your health, especially your skin.

Permanent scars, dark spots, and other prominent blemishes can be acquired because of acne. Without a shred of doubt, this unpleasant skin condition is not just a simple matter, and it has to be dealt with immediately.

People have gone through countless of books, and websites hoping to find the best acne detox treatment reviews for their acne cure. Now, there is no need to search too far. We have a tried and tested technique for you to get rid of acne for good!

The Truth Behind Acne

Acne is a skin condition wherein the parts of the skin get inflamed due to certain trigger foods. An inflammatory action is usually caused by foods which raise the blood sugar level dramatically and trigger the production of 3 main acne hormones.

As a result, the body turns on its defense mechanisms by producing sebum oil, which stimulates acne bacteria and causes breakouts. Therefore, the best treatment is regulating the food you eat.

What are the 3 main acne causing hormones?

Androgens, insulin and insulin growth factor (IGF-1) are hormones that are responsible for over production of sebum, clogged pores and acne breakouts. These hormones are triggered by a high level of blood sugar.

Research studies show that a correct diet can lower blood sugar level and eventually prevent acne breakouts.

3 Steps to Get Rid of Acne Permanently

The best adult acne detox treatment doesn't come with huge expenses or complicated medications. The most effective ones are usually free and do not require any abrasive methods. Contrary to what most people believe, there is no need for you to apply any special creams or use special soaps.

The most effective method in curing acne is by using techniques that affect the internal conditions of the body. These three levels of clearing the skin and maintaining focuses on internal improvements will help you get rid of acne permanently.

Not only will it rid your skin of acne, but the program will also improve the overall health of the body.

First Step: Apply Anti Inflammatory Measures

As mentioned previously, acne is an inflammation caused by certain types of foods. The first step is changing your diet and lowering the sebum oil produced by your body as a reaction to inflammation.

You will need to follow a certain diet for 21 days and avoid harmful foods. After three days, your blood sugar level will improve. You will notice improvements in your skin tone and your energy level.

The inflammation of the blemishes will significantly decrease, and there will be a noticeable reduction in acne swelling.

For the most part, you will need to consume an anti-inflammatory diet which mainly include:

  • Green vegetables
  • Omega fatty acids
  • Filtered water

In this stage, you will need to steer clear from harmful inflammatory foods such as:

  • Candy
  • Caffeine
  • Oily or fried foods
  • Heavily processed junk foods

Keep Reading!

Second Step: Nutritional Supplements

In this essential stage, you can permanently get rid of your acne by regularly taking supplements. The most effective treatments target nutrition so your body will be able to balance itself.

Supplements can deliver higher nutritional potency than whole foods. Once taken regularly, your skin can heal faster and combat acne bacteria effectively. Many top treatments also utilize supplements to help speed up recovery.

Below is a list of supplements you can take.

Last Step: Sugar Detox

The final part of the treatment program is sugar detox, and it is the hardest part because sugar is in every part of our diets. You should avoid cheating and follow the program exactly.

Many health benefits will come out of it. Even the best acne medication can not provide the health benefits of sugar detox. Enjoy!

How does 21 day acne detox diet work?

"Eliminating Sugar is the Secret to the Best Acne Detox Treatment"

Sugar is the main contributor to hormonal imbalance and high blood sugar level. 21 day sugar detox targets your diet by replacing sugar with healthy foods.

These foods are not expensive. You can find them in your local supermarket.

Below is a list of foods that are good and bad for your acne for the next 21 days.

Is 21 Day Sugar Detox the Best Acne Detox Treatment?

In addition to reduction in acne causing hormones and acne breakouts, other health benefits include:

  • Weight loss
  • Clearer skin
  • Slowing down hair loss
  • Prevent diabetes
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Reduced lethargy
  • Reduced depression and anxiety

With all these extra health benefits, this is definitely the best acne detox treatment program without a prescription and expensive skin care products.

Free Acne Diet Recipe

If you are completely clueless on how to design your acne diet, I have a basic recipe for you to try.

You can get the beginner recipe on my Adult 3 Tiered Acne Prevention Program below.

Full Version of 21 Day Sugar Detox

The complete version of 21 Day Sugar Detox has all the recipes, photos and custom programs.

If you want an in-depth information on how to treat acne using 21 Day Sugar Detox, you can read the article by clicking the blue link below.

Where to Buy?

Best Acne Detox Treatment (21 Day Sugar Detox Manual)

I slightly covered the fundamental of 21 Day Sugar Detox in this hubpage. The complete program is too long for a single page.

If you want to view the whole program, please visit by Clicking the link below.

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Final Thoughts

Acne detox treatment is a huge topic. I only covered a basic program for you to try in this article.

Anyway, I hope my beginner "best acne detox treatment - 21 day detox program" will serve you well.


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    • jen becht profile image

      jen becht 4 years ago

      @ChrisLowery: The best acne treatment is a combination of diet and modern medicines. I do believe retin-a and chemical peels can boost your treatment results.

    • jen becht profile image

      jen becht 4 years ago

      @TheMakeupAdvisory: Thank you so much for your compliments.

    • profile image

      ChrisLowery 4 years ago

      I love this! It's really good to read acne program that can work to almost everyone, regardless of their skin condition and type. I would say, focusing on your diet is one of the most important and effective way to improve skin and overall health. I have been treating my acne holistically including proper diet and nutrition from clearupacne dot org and your recipe is something I should to add my list.

    • TheMakeupAdvisory profile image

      TheMakeupAdvisory 4 years ago

      Love your lens:)

      Lots of people underestimate how important a healthy diet is to their skin. I tell all my clients that a healthy diet, plenty of water and a really good sunscreen will help delay the signs of aging and also improve or cure skin conditions like acne.

    • profile image

      jimporsche86 4 years ago

      I'm guilty of the Caffeine, I have to drink my coffee. :)

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 4 years ago

      A lot of information you have provided here! That's great really :)

    • jen becht profile image

      jen becht 4 years ago

      @shellys-space: no problem, I hope you like it.

    • shellys-space profile image

      Shelly Sellers 4 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      Thanks for sharing how the acne program worked for you!