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4 Best Belly Bands for Pregnancy Pain Management

Updated on August 30, 2014

Belly bands are a tube of stretchy fabric that fits around the lower abdomen. They resemble tube tops, but are worn around the lower part of the "bump" to provide support to the growing abdomen as well as to the woman's back.

These belly bands make an ideal purchase for women who are suffering from back pain or lower abdominal "cramping" during pregnancy, as they provide support in the areas that are often under the most strain.

For women looking to stay in their "regular" clothes for longer, the belly band also fits underneath your normal (non-maternity) jeans, covering your body and allowing you to wear them without zipping or buttoning the pants. Just pull a long top down over it, and you're done.

Other maternity belts recommended on this page Velcro around the body to provide support for the lower back and abdomen.

Choose the maternity band or belt that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

Belly Bands Keep You in Your Clothes Longer

For those women who prefer to wait until later in pregnancy to inform their family and co-workers that they are pregnant, a belly band will help you to stay into your pre-maternity clothing for longer, meaning that you can avoid the questions about your clothing until your bump is visible and obvious.

The belly band works by sliding over your jeans (left open). You then pull your shirt down over the band -- or not! Depending on the color you purchase, you may be able to make a fashion statement with your belly band.

The Baby Be Mine Maternity Band

The Baby Be Mine Maternity Band is similar to a long tube top that fits around the pregnant belly. It's designed to fit over your unzipped jeans and to hide the zipper. Some women have found that they are able to make this work for them throughout their entire pregnancy without having to purchase maternity jeans. If you're looking to skip the new clothes, these bands will work particularly well for you.

These come in sizes 1-4, to fit women sized 0-24 pre-pregnancy. The description to the right says that this is a size two, but once you click through to Amazon, you'll have the choice to choose the correct size based on your pre-pregnancy size.

Replacements with this company should be quick and painless.

The Bella Band

The Bella Band is perhaps the most well-known brand of maternity belly band. It comes in a variety of different colors and receives the top ratings on Amazon.

This band runs smaller than the Baby Be Mine band, however, so be careful when you're choosing the size you should purchase. Where the Baby Be Mine band goes up through size 24 (pre-maternity), the Bella Band only goes up to size 18.

Belevation Womens Maternity Support Belly Band

This band is shorter in length, which some women may find helpful. Complaints about the other brands have indicated that the length is too much and the women didn't know what to do about the excess. If you think this might be a problem for you, then the Belevation Women's Maternity Support Belly Band might be the right choice for you.

It comes in a wider range of sizes than the other brands, fitting up to a size 26 pre-maternity, so if you are a bigger woman, this may be the right choice for you.

Belly Bandit Pregnancy Support Band and Wrap

Unlike the previously listed belly bands, the Belly Bandit is not a band, but a support belt. This belt won't hide your pre-maternity jeans the way that the previous products do, but it will provide exceptional support for your abdomen and your back. The product page claims that the Upsie Belly Bandit Maternity Belt will reduce back and bladder pain, as well as reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

While women should take any claim of reduction in stretch marks with a grain of salt, this belt will go the distance in providing support for your back and abdomen. Most women find that it's worth its higher price.


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