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Best Breathalyzer

Updated on March 24, 2011

Before choosing the best breathalyser you should need to know, how a breathalyzer works.To simplify the process, alcohol is absorbed through your stomach into your blood stream. The blood then passes through your lungs. Some alcohol evaporates in your lungs and shows up in your breath as you exhale.

As you may already know that the "Legal Limit" in all 50 states is .08 BAC.But many people become impaired at .04BAC.So having a breathalyzer can help you out a lot, if you took few beers few hours ago and don´t know whether you should or shouldn´t drive.But remember if you drink, don´t drive.

There are many aspects you should look before choosing the best breathalyzer.First would be the accuracy, because there is no point buying inaccurate breathalyzer.But almost every breathalyzer gets inaccurate at some time.When you purchase a breathalyzer, then the sensor is already calibrated at the factory.After every six months you have to send your breathalyzer back to the factory to recalibrate it.Some newer breathalyzers have replaceable parts allowing for home recalibration.

Best portable breathalyzer
Best portable breathalyzer

Best breathalyzer

Used by law enforcement, hospitals and military, this breathalyzer quickly estimates very accurate blood alcohol content.

Everyone who uses this is surprised, how accurate and small it is.My friend is a police office and we tested the S80 against one of his units and they were dead on with the readings.Many police officers around the USA use this breathalyzer as well.

One very important feature you need to look before buying a breathalyzer is the number of tests you can do with one set of batteries, because if the batteries are almost empty the results will become inaccurate.You can do about 1,500 tests per set of AA batteries with the S80 breathalyzer.

Overall expensive, but very durable and high-quality breathalyzer, if your budget allows, then this is the one you should buy.S80 is highly recommended.

Best personal breathalyzer

This AlcoHawk PT500 is very interesting piece of technology, at least for me.The AlcoHawk PT500 has PT Core Fuel-cell Sensor Technology, it´s available exclusively in this breathalyzer.This new technology incorporates an electro-chemical fuel-cell detection system

This is a very accurate and durable breathalyzer.The PT core technologymeans that this breathalyzer has better linear accuracy and improved sensor life.It´s very easy to use this product and many claim that it´s very reliable, which it really is.

Overall this is wonderful product.You can easily put it in your glove box or in a jacket pocket or maybe even in a purse.And the price is certainly a better investment than a DUI.

Update: The price is down by 20% meaning that this breathalyzer is the best in it´s price range at the moment.

Best portable breathalyzer

Very compact and innovative breathalyzer, it´s very small and light, making it easily portable.TheS70 has very elegant design and is accurate also.

This breathalyzer is small and compact and can fit anywhere.The accuracy of this breathalyzer is also surprisingly good.The S70 has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for personal use, making it a top choice among safety-conscious individuals.

This device also has very easy-to-navigate menu, making it very easy to use this breathalyzer.It has many cool features that can come in handy.

Overall, very portable and awesome breathalyzer and it is very accurate as well.It offers a great value and it´s quite durable as well.

Remeber, if you drink, don´t drive.


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    • Uzdawi profile image

      Uzdawi 7 years ago

      Thank you so much, for commenting!

    • TurtleDog profile image

      TurtleDog 7 years ago

      Ha! I hadn't even thought of buying a breathaylzer! Caught this article on SheToldMe (I guess that site does work :-) I doubt I will soon, but it's not a bad idea! Good insurance against big problems. Some people in the country have a reduced alcohol legal limit, such as truckers with special licenses. In NJ for example it is .04 for a class A trucker. Thanks for the article!