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Best Butt Exercise - What is it?

Updated on July 11, 2009

Is there a Best Butt Exercise?

Have you ever searched the internet for exercises to do and come back with so many that you get confused or so many you overfill your routines? Is there just one best butt exercise you can include in every workout and know it will be really helpful so you know you are never wasting your time?

Well ... i am possibly being being controversial but many other also agree that there is a best exercise for toning your bum. One that covers near all the muscles in the bum and around it and that gives more muscular and health benefits if done correctly too.

This is one exercise you should include in every session and also you can do in your spare time!

My Choice for the Best Butt Exercise

... drumroll please ...

The Squat!

It is just like sitting down ... without a chair! The squat is a fantastic exercise for a number of reasons:

Firstly, while my lenses focus on getting a toned, attractive butt you should never neglect your whole body. Squats are great because they do excellent work towards that great bum but also work out the whole body especially when you throw in some weights as well.

Secondly, continuing from the first point of this being an all body exercise, squats are good because when you work all your muscles not just one group of muscle it releases more hormones to build and repair and tone your muscles all over.

Thirdly, your core muscles (the stomach and hips) are very involved making the entire lower body area a playground for great toning.

Lastly ... oh yes ... it targets your bum tightening those muscle making them more muscular and more attractive because of it!

There is one problem with squats though ...

Most people have terrible squatting technique!

If you squat incorrectly you can hurt your back for starters but you also destroy all that is great about the all body workout and also the great glute exercise it gives.

To do a great squat follow these rules.

  • 1. Stretch - Some people have great difficulty getting low in a squat due to lack of flexibility in the legs. Do inner thigh and crotch stretches as well as ankle stretches to prepare.

  • 2. Chest Up - Keeping your chest up makes lower back rounding impossible & tightening of your upper-back easier.

  • 3. Look Forward - Look down & your back will bend. Look at the ceiling & your neck will hurt. Look forward.

  • 4. Foot Stance - Heels should be about shoulder-width apart

  • 5. Toes Out - Point your toes out towards the direction of your knees at about 30 degrees.

  • 6. Weight on Your Heels - Do not push from the toes, use your heels to hold all the weight on the way down.

  • 7. Keep Hips Back - Think about sitting down on the toilet, that is the kind of squat you need not sitting on a chair.

  • 8. Knees Over Toes - Knees over the toes at the bottom of your squat, not further

  • 9. Knees Out - Never allow your knees to buckle in. It can cause knee injury. Push your knees out.

  • 10. Hit Parallel - Your hip joint must come lower than your knee joint. Not doing this is a partial squat, if you cannot reach this you may need to stretch more.

  • 11. Squeeze Your Butt - Power comes from the glutes. When you are coming up and going down squeeze your bum as hard as you can.

  • 12. Push From The Heels - Curl your toes up if needed. Don't let your heels come off the floor. Push from the heels.

Will This Best Butt Exercise Be Enough?

As much as I believe this is the best butt exercise i know that the squat alone will not be enough to get you the bum that you really want.

This is because even though you might get a muscular bum by doing this you will never see that great toning and shape if it is hidden under a layer of fat!

This was my problem too and i would go through diet after diet, fad after fad and see small improvements until i stopped and then it would all gain back on and my butt just looked BIG not sexy even if it was strong.

The solution?

Change your metabolism by exercise and by eating the right things, in the right amount, at the right time to boost your metabolism and banish that fat layer! he guide i used that worked magic for me and my partner is linked to below ... do yourself and your bum a favor, check it out!

What is Your Chocie for Best Butt Exercise?

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    • hqbaldwin profile image

      hqbaldwin 4 years ago

      Squats - truly a phenomenal exercise. Doing front squats mostly these days due to a shoulder injury

    • Better Bum profile image

      Better Bum 6 years ago

      @Senora M: It might hurt for a while after, but once you do them a few times regularly that will wear off and just leave you with a great bum! :D

    • Senora M profile image

      Senora M 7 years ago

      Thanks for the lens. I was looking for something to do this morning at the gym. I haven't done squats in a long time. Guess it's time to get back to it!