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Best Essential Oils In Treating Vertigo

Updated on January 7, 2016



About Vertigo

Vertigo is one of the most annoying sensations that a person probably has to undergo. Depending on the severity of the cases for each individual, its accompanying conditions can range from sensations of movement, dizziness, feeling of nausea, instability or having vague unsteadiness, and several other similar conditions.

When doctors diagnose vertigo, they often begin to assess whether it is a first or second cause of a dizzying sensation. The first instance is often associated with dizziness but if it takes place again, then that could be referred to as vertigo.

Most health experts also believe that vertigo could be an indicator of some other more serious conditions. One such condition that you need to be extremely wary about is any malfunctions on your brain activity. Hence, it is best to seek a doctor or physician at the first sign of symptoms.

Causes of Vertigo

Until know, studies continue to further understand why vertigo happens in an effort to find a more effective cure against it. Recent studies reveal that vertigo, instead of being a condition in itself, is actually a symptom for some other health condition. Here are just some of those known to bring about vertigo:

  • Bacterial infection on your ears that cause middle ear disease;
  • Trauma on either one of your arterial vertebrae;
  • viral labyrynthitis;
  • cranial nerve problems;
  • migraine;
  • Meniere's disease;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • or stroke.

Essential Oils for Vertigo

The Health Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil

Using Essential Oils For Treatment

Since vertigo has become an increasingly common condition, there is also an increased number of essential oil blends found in the market that are intended to provide relief for vertigo. For several centuries, essential oils have been used to treat illnesses and even in modern times it has been preferred as a more effective type of alternative medicine. Plus, knowing that it is produced from natural substances, there are no risks to developing side effects that might produce more harm.

The same can be said with vertigo and there are actually a lot of essential oil choices that can cure this condition. Each one are discussed to determine what helpful properties prove beneficial for those vertigo and how you can apply it.


This is advocated as the most effective type of essential oil when it comes to treating vertigo. It produces a distinctively strong but not overpowering smell that really helps in waking up your senses. Since it was discovered as one of the essential oils used in aromatherapy, it has been commonly used in treating nausea and vertigo due to its properties that contain menthol, menthyl esters, and menthone. These components are responsible for producing that cooling effect that you'd expect from a plant source belonging to the mint family.

When the scents from the oil reaches your lymphatic system, it acts up on it to provide relief. Do take note of proper dosage when using peppermint in aromatherapy as too much concentration can be dangerous. If possible, pregnant women or those with epilepsy, cardiac fibrillation, or fever must avoid using this type of oil.


You might recognize basil more as a type of cooking herb. However, it does have several application in the field of aromatherapy, which includes treatment for vertigo. If you are buying basil essential oil off the market, you can make a ready inhalant by sniffing on top of the bottle. If you want to control the amount of oil you are able to sniff into, you can opt to add a few drops into a cotton ball and hold that up against your nose. This should help relax your mind and body to eventually relieve yourself from any movement sensation.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage

This one is taken off a plant with the same name and is widely recognized for its therapeutic value. It has several beneficial properties such as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, and antispasmodic, which make it really useful in treating various conditions.

Meanwhile, its nervine properties are responsible for treating or controlling symptoms of vertigo by providing stability to your nerves. Meanwhile, its sedative properties help in providing relief from the symptoms of this condition.


Like Clary Sage essential oil, Myrtle oil is also rich in nervine properties that helps provide more stability when the dizzying sensation begins. Acting as a nervous system stabilizer, myrtle oil effectively treats vertigo and any other similar conditions.

There are several methods of application that you can use with Myrtle Oil. You can use it for a gentle massage and provided a soothing relief, or you can make a hot compress for a more effective and long-term relief.

Essential Oil Application Methods

There are various choices of application method for an individual suffering from vertigo to find the relief she/he needs. One crucial factor in choosing the method of application to use is the cause for the symptoms of vertigo to be manifested. As with any other aromatherapy application, use proper precautionary methods in using essential oils to avoid harming yourself in the process. If you are going to apply the oil topically, then dilute it using a carrier oil first to avoid skin irritation. You can also use an aromatherapy diffuser to add essential oils into the air of your environment as a method of application.


Below are some common causes of vertigo and the suggested application method to use:

*Ear damage or injury – In using essential oils to cure vertigo caused by ear damage, you can either use it topically or make a hot compress. To make a gentle massage, add a few drops of an essential oil into a piece of cotton or use your hands directly. Then, apply the oil around your ears (never use it inside your ears) and perform a gentle massaging action. You can also make a hot compress using your choice of essential oils and use twice a day.

*Trauma to the head – If you suffered vertigo due to a massive blow to your head, then you can use the same methods as above: massage and hot compress. Make sure to dilute the oil before placing a few drops into your hands and massaging it against your scalp. Or you can also make a hot compress using the oil and let it sit against the affected area.

*Migraine – For migrained-caused vertigos, a simple massage on your forehead, temples, and the back of the neck will provide instantaneous relief against vertigo. Only use gentle force on your massages though to avoid inflicting further trauma.


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  • innerspin profile image

    Kim Kennedy 

    6 years ago from uk

    I've not experimented with essental oils, have tried just about everything else, so will have a go with some of your suggestions. Thank you.

  • cloverleaffarm profile image

    Healing Herbalist 

    6 years ago from The Hamlet of Effingham

    Great hub. I've had vertigo for 9 years. It totally impacts your life. Voted up, useful and interesting.


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