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Best Essential Oils To Rejuvenate Sinuses

Updated on October 6, 2014

Aromatherapy Essential Oils : How to Use Aromatherapy for Sinus Infection

Essential Oils for Sinus

Pure essential oils have an unbelievably wide range of therapeutic uses and benefits. The method of delivery or administration can greatly affect the effect of the essential oils. Depending on your body’s absorption and response rate, you should apply the essential oils within a half hour to an hour. The result that you want to achieve will greatly depend on the method of delivery. Inhalation and steaming are just some of the way of rejuvenating your sinuses with essential oils.

What are Sinuses?

The air-filled chambers found between the eyes sockets and nasal passages, around the nose, on both sides of the forehead and around the cheekbones are called the sinuses. Warming up the air as it is inhaled is the main role of the sinuses. The sinuses also has the role in helping with voice resonator and relieving the weight of the skull. People who suffer from sinus problems or have colds sound a bit “honky” when they talk, right? When the sinuses become infected or obstructed, the mucus that forms and accumulates in the nasal pockets causing pain, swelling and discomfort.

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What Is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a condition wherein the sinuses become inflamed, infected or swollen. Sinusitis becomes more prevalent in winter months, when the air becomes very cold, because the sinuses becomes overworked in trying to warm the air being inhaled.

Common Causes of Sinus Problems

Problems in the sinuses are often caused by viral infection, bacterial infection, allergies, too much dairy in the diet, air pollution, lack of exercise, and poor circulation. Although there are numerous OTC medications that can ease the sinus problems , they can produce harmful side effects. Furthermore, the medicines to treat sinusitis simply offer short-term relief.

Sinus Problems Are Way Different From Traditional Colds

The discomfort and pain brought about by sinusitis is worse than just having symptoms from an ordinary cold. People who suffer from sinusitis will feel a throbbing, pounding sensation that will worsen as the person will bend or move forward. Other characteristics of sinusitis include unexplainable headaches, bad breath, and nasal discharges. Feeling a sensation of heaviness or fullness in the face is also a significant tell-tale sign that a person is suffering from sinusitis.

Anyone can suffer from sinusitis, but the ones who are more susceptible are those who have weak immune system and prone to allergies. People who had a history of hay fever may also be a victim of sinusitis. There are numerous treatments available for sinusitis but it would be best to avoid OTC medicines because in the long run, it may give harmful effects to the users.

Another way to cure sinusitis is by using essential oils. Using essential oils to treat sinusitis will not only save you money but will save you from the harmful side effects that medicines may give.

How to clear sinus, bronchial, lungs, with peppermint oil, steam deep breathing

How to Make an Aromatherapy Inhaler

Treating Bronchial or Sinus Problems

If you want to have smoother inhalation and ease of breathing, add 5-7 drops of essential oil(s) of your choice to a basin or bowl of hot water. Make a “towel tent” over your head and inhale the steam emitted by the hot water.  Don’t forget to close your eyes while you are under the towel-tent because too much heat might irritate your eyes.  Inhale the steam until the water cools down or when you can no longer smell the essential oil. 

Direct Inhalation

Direct inhalation is said to be the most popular method in Germany.  Direct inhalation stimulates the blood circulation, lymph and nerve flow through regular, rhythmic breathing.  The essential oils that passes through the olfactory system greatly enhances the ability of the body to deliver certain nutrients.  Furthermore, aromatic essential oils are believed to be responsible for sending signals to the neuro-receptors of the brain that triggers the electro-chemical body responses.

Through cellular respiration or breathing, the aromatic vapors of the essential oils enter the lungs for immediate release and spread of the vapour into the body’s bloodstream.  This will then be dispersed in every cell in the body.  Researches have proven that the essential oils stay in the bloodstream for as long as 6 hours.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

How to Blend and Use Aromatherapy Oils to Relieve Pain and Stress : Using Lavender Aromatherapy Recipes to Ease Sinuses and Help Breathing


Microdiffusion includes using a nebulizer to break the essential oil into millions of microparticles.  If you have sinusitis, you can inhale near the mouth of the nebulizer so that you can fully inhale the air coming out.  By doing this, your air passages will become more open and relaxed due to the relaxing and soothing scents of the essential oil.

In micro-diffusion, you can start off by diffusing the essential oil of your choice for 15-30 minutes.  You will gradually be accustomed to the scent that the oils give off, and when this happens, you can already increase the duration of the diffusion time. When you experience nasal problems or become ill, simply use the nebulizer by inhaling the air emitted by nebulising machine.

Air Diffusion

This will make use of a container or basket where a special pad with drops of essential oil is applied.  A small fan is needed to blow cool air through the essential oils and to lift them for dispersal into the air.  This is perhaps one of the most cost-effective way to diffuse the essential oils.  Air diffusion has similar effects with micro-diffusion.

Cold Air Diffusion

Medical researches have shown that essential oils that go through the process of cold-air diffusing can effectively remove unpleasant odors, fungus, mold, and bacteria in a room.  In addition to that, cold air diffusion can also stress and tension as well as clear the mind and induce mental alertness. 

Essential oils are also said to aid with weight management by giving an effect to the gustatory senses find in the brain.

Eucalyptus and Sinusitis

You can put a few drops of diluted eucalyptus oil in the burner, vaporizer or nebulizer.  The viruses will be controlled and prevented from spreading around the room or house.

There are still many essential oils that you can use to heal your sinusitis aside from eucalyptus.  Rejuvenating your sinuses with essential oil is known to be the cheaper and safer route in treating sinusitis problems.

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