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Best Gift Ideas For Serious Yogis

Updated on December 26, 2015

Yoga Gifts

With each day, yoga is fast becoming a household name and the number of people practicing it has magnificently grown over the last few years. Therefore, more products are becoming available for yogis to use and make their practice more convenient and efficient. If you are looking for the best gift ideas for serious yogis, then your task shouldn't be that hard. You can get the recipient a practical gift that they can use to take their practice to a whole new level.

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Material Gifts

When one says gift, it often connotes a material object that is physically handed out to a person. Tangible gift items is a practical choice too, since it signifies something that a person can actually make use of. However, even with this thought in mind, choosing can still be difficult knowing that there are several yoga items and accessories currently available in the market.

One tip that you can use though is to choose yoga gift items that will enhance the person's exercise routine and practice of yoga. Think about something that they can actually use such that they can enhance their level of practice. The beauty with buying yoga items and accessories for gifts is that you can customize each of them according to the intended recipient. Some knowledge about the person's needs and personality are useful in your decision-making process.


The yoga mat is one of the most obvious choices when it comes to buying gifts for a serious yogi. It is the most practical item that one can use during each session too, which provides cushion against the floor during execution of various exercises. In addition, yoga mat is vital in one's safety during practice to avoid slipping and produce more balance. However, the hard part comes in terms of choosing the best variant of yoga mat to buy since each people have different needs and are more comfortable using one type of mat over the other. You might have to do some research then about the features of each mat, as well as the specific yoga style that the recipient is using.

Aside from being practical by opting for more affordable yoga mats, make sure that you have examined its safety features and durability of the materials. The functionality of the yoga mat in your practice is undeniable. Therefore, it is important to shop carefully to ensure that its use is optimized.

Yoga Jewelry - New Age Gifts

Yoga-Specific Clothes and Apparel

Both male and female yogis would also appreciate it when you give out yoga-specific clothing and apparel as gift items. If you are new to shopping for yoga clothes, make sure you perform enough research to identify which type of fabric and other qualities you must consider. This is one gift item that you can give even if the person already has one, thus making it another practical option as a gift.

Looking for stores or shops that sell yoga clothing is easy. They are quite widespread these days without spending a fortune. If you can afford it, you can certainly go for designer yoga clothing that combine functionality and style. But even with a budget price, you can get some useful ones that are just as effective.

Yoga Bag

A yoga bag is a convenient gift to offer serious yogis who spend a few hours each day practicing at a yoga studio. Since they would have to carry a few items with them, such as clothing, gears, and accessories, a yoga bag is a practical solution for a yogi to achieve organization in packing his or her items.

Not only does it make life easier for a yogi since all yoga items are placed in a single bag, but it also prevents them from being lost. You can conveniently take out the item you need off your bag and place them back into the bag after using. Thus, it make your life stress-free and more efficient.

personalized gift of yoga nidra

Yoga and Meditation CDs

Meditation is another essential component to your practice of yoga. Hence, yogis always end or begin their practice with a few minutes meditation and visualization to find the center and be able to focus. The use of CDs or meditation music is very common these days, especially amongst beginners.

If you go online or other music stores, you will find a huge selection of yoga meditation music or CDs that vary in their genre. The use of music is an effective way to affect your mood and state of mind, such that visualization becomes much easier. Whether you plan on giving out this gift item to a beginner or expert, it will surely be appreciated.

More Yoga Gift Ideas

If neither of the above suggestions for gift ideas make sense to you, you can try out either one of the following items. Your choice will undeniably be appreciated and utilized by the recipient:

  • yoga balls
  • yoga blocks
  • yoga bolsters
  • yoga pillows
  • yoga travel pack
  • yoga straps
  • yoga chairs
  • yoga towels
  • yoga socks
  • yoga foam wedges, among others.

Handmade Crafts

If you're the creative type, opting for personalized gifts is a great way to show someone exactly how much you care for them. You can therefore make your own handmade crafts as gift idea for a serious yogi while still being functional in your approach. A mandala is a type of painting that you can create using a canvass and a few paints. This is used widely by serious yogis for visualization and meditation while treating it as a sacred space wherein one can establish a connection with the spiritual body.

Be careful when choosing the design you use as you draw and paint though as it can affect one's vibrations and energies inside the body just by looking at it. The use of geometric design is the most common for a mandala.

Intangible Gifts for Yogis

You can spend as much time as you can thinking about the best gift ideas for serious yogis, but you must also understand that intangible gifts are the ones that will be truly appreciated. If you know anyone who is passionate about yoga, you can show their support by helping them out in as much ways as you can. For instance, you can volunteer to join them and show interest about it too. Unlike common misconceptions, yoga is actually a social experience and you can nurture your relationship by practicing together. Or better yet, you can learn to respect their own time. Meaning, if they have set aside time during the day for practicing yoga, then you can give them that time and make sure they are undisturbed during practice.


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