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The Best Hearing Aids Both Visible And Invisible!

Updated on November 25, 2014

Hearing Aid Prices

There are many myths that I have sought to dispel with this article. The first is that hearing aids are both gruesome and wildly expensive (admittedly, this is subjective -- but considering the depth of improvement a hearing aid will afford most viewers I can only assume that visitors will find that even some spicier models are a bargain investment -- nevertheless, keep looking).

In this article I will talk about the steps needed to be taken before purchasing. The adequateness, pros and cons of popular and modern models, as well as a general expectation of how much cheap hearing aids can cost and where you should start looking for them both on-and-offline. 

My ear trumpet is outdated? I hadn't heard!
My ear trumpet is outdated? I hadn't heard!

Before You Buy

Before you begin your search in earnest, you will need to consider the following key concepts about purchasing hearing aids of almost any kind. Firstly, remember that you will need to visit an audiologist and clinically evaluate the context of your hearing loss. In all cases of moderate to severe (especially in the case of regenerative conditions) conditions, hearing aids will need to be tailored to fit your needs. Also bear in mind that a surprising amount of hearing loss can be resolved without permanent aids, these cases may included earwax or certain infections.

Secondly, when you are offered an appropriate hearing aid, ask for a free trial. I can't stress this enough, hearing aids should be considered a high-profile decision making process. Remember that you are in the process of significantly improving your life, and while many aids are not terribly expensive, they can be uncomfortable and ill-suited to certain needs and individuals.

Thirdly, if aesthetics and an absolute must, remember that some nifty and nigh-invisible models such as CIC (completely in the canal) models can cost upwards of thousands of dollars! Depending on the extent of your hearing loss, different models may also be rendered inappropriate.

Your ears will need to be large enough to accommodate the component, and thus may be unsuited to some.
Your ears will need to be large enough to accommodate the component, and thus may be unsuited to some.

Price Range $500-$5000 Dollars.

Best Heating Aids - CIC

Completely in the canal hearing aids are by their very definition almost invisible. Those worried about openly manifesting their hearing loss may be comforted by these small embedded (in the ear canal) components.

As always, when there's a pro, there's usually a con -- and the CIC component is no exception to the truism. CIC designs are not indicated for severe hearing loss. Small parts also mean harder maintenance and tweaking, a fact exacerbated by a small battery which will need to be changed now and then.

Hiding a hearing aid, however small, can also prove uncomfortable if the ear canal is not large enough. In some cases, it may not fit at all. If you have small ears consider functional alternatives. With the possible exception of the BTE (behind the ear) model, all hearing aids are relatively minimalistic. 

Price Range $300-$2000 

Affordable Hearing Aids - BTE

Stronger, more robust and powerful. The BTE hearing aids are especially suited for moderate to severe hearing loss and children. The larger size also increases the potential for electronic "addons" such as easily adjustable volume control and various levels of customization, phone integration and other useful features.

Potential problems may include their comparative conspicuousness when compared to embeddable ear-canal models such as the CIC or the ITC.

The bottom-line when considering a BTE hearing aid is that in general, the quality of sound is very high and is suitable to a very large spectrum of people. I personally recommend BTE models despite the fact that many people I have spoken to as slightly intimidated by them, especially the larger models. But bear in mind that the feeling of conspicuousness soon dissipates and the extend to which your hearing and life has improved makes swift work of insecurity.

Other Canal Variants

For those of you who are looking specifically for canal hearing aids and more options and flexibility that only the CIC model, consider the following variants:

  • ITC (In the Canal) - A slightly larger variant of the CIC model. Works best for mild hearing loss, and is essentially a better compromise in terms of power, aesthetics and quality.
  • ITE ( In the Ear) - Again - a slightly souped up version of the ITC, larger, usually has more features and is more visible. 

A typical ITE model
A typical ITE model

Prices And Where To Buy

Allow me to begin with some good news for under 21's who are covered by Medicaid. You may be liable for free hearing aid financing!

If you know exactly what you are looking for, and are comfortable with an online purchase (not recommended, I recommend buying offline, locally and getting a trial), feel free to browse the links to the right to point you in the right direction and get a feel for the price ranges.

Offline & Local dealers:

  • Oticon is a popular, solid company that has branches world-wide that can guide you through the process of selecting an appropriate hearing aid. Use this tool to find the closest branch to your location!
  • Another popular choice is Widex who offer digital aids of all kinds at discount prices. Use this tool to find a local retailer.


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    • Vladimir Molotkof profile image

      Vladimir Molotkof 6 years ago from Mid West

      Wow, I had no idea there was so much information out there on digital hearing aids. I had a friend who had severe hearing problem, and she had to get an occular implant. I think it is great that science has advanced so much that we can help so many people with their hearing problems!

    • profile image

      Tod 6 years ago

      A potential problem with buying online is a warranty. The majority of companies do not offer a warranty (and some only 1 year). Plus you need to be FITTED by a professional (Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist). These people know what they are doing and can fit you with the proper hearing aid.

    • profile image

      David 6 years ago

      Digital hearing aids are very useful in those who suffer from hearing defecit. These digital aids are far better than the non digital ones. A person who is in need of these aids can learn how much do hearing aids cost from experts who deal in them.

    • profile image

      Hearing Aids 6 years ago

      Nice post I will link to this from my site.

    • profile image

      Bradley Rush 6 years ago

      Great explanation. Hearing Impairment is a very lonely experience as millions of Americans experience dimished hearing everyday. Thanks for bringing this matter to light.

    • profile image

      Audial Wave 6 years ago

      Audial Wave is a great option as well - Hearing Aids online direct from the manufacturer

    • health911 profile image

      health911 6 years ago

      I am happy that I learn something new.

      Awesome way of expressing your ideas. You are my favourite.

      I will be sharing this info on my facebook page with my friend and relatives. Thanks.