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Best Postnatal Workout DVD

Updated on September 15, 2013

Choosing the best postnatal workout DVD for you.

The best postnatal workout DVD for you will depend on your fitness level, how long ago you gave birth and how much time you have available. Before exercising after giving birth, its best to check with your doctor about when you are able to start exercising again and at what level.

Having had 2 babies myself, I have done a few postnatal workouts and I've done a lot of research into which are thebest ones. There are postnatal fitness DVDs to fit everybody including gentle workouts for not long after you've given birth, workouts you can do with your baby and workouts to really push you back into shape.

When looking for your postnatal workout consider :

when you are going to do the DVD each day and how long you have to spend on your workout? There are DVDs with 15 minute workout which you could fit into your baby's naptime as well as longer workouts which you could do while somebody else looks after the baby or when your baby is having a longer sleep. Or choose a DVD which you can do with your baby.does the DVD progress with you? For example are there modifications which you can do to make the exercises harder as you get fitter?This article gives suggestions of all types of postnatal workout DVD. I have also added some tips that I've found helpful in getting my body back to its pre pregnancy shape (well almost!). Read on to find the best postnatal workout DVD for you.

Tips for Getting Your Body Back After Pregnancy

I have had two babies and I have been working hard to getting back into shape after my last pregnancy two years ago. Here are some of my personal tips for getting back into shape.

Think longterm - You've probably heard it said it takes 9 months to have a baby so give it at least 9 months to get your body back into shape. I would say give it even longer. 2 years after having my last baby, my body is showing real improvements. But if you think too short term it's so easy to get disheartened when you don't see improvements quickly. Give it time, if you workout and eat healthily consistently you will see major changes after 1 and then 2 years.

Do weights - Muscle burns calories so make sure you add some body resistance work (such as push ups, pull ups etc) or some weights to your routine. Muscle helps define and shape as well. You can change the sculpt and shape of your body significantly when doing weights. They are really important.

Workout with a friend - Working out with a friend or going to a class will help keep you motivated. You can't talk yourself out of going to an exercise class if you have to meet a friend there.

Lookout for postnatal exercise classes -There are lots of postnatal exercise classes as well as workout DVDs. You can take your baby along to some of them too. I used to do buggyfit in the UK with my son. It involves pushing your buggy around the park and doing exercises. It's a great way to meet new moms too.

Lindsay Brin's Boot Camp 2 with Moms Into Fitness

Lindsay Brin's Boot Camp 2 DVD with Moms Into Fitness
Lindsay Brin's Boot Camp 2 DVD with Moms Into Fitness

Great for new Moms and those who've given birth years ago!I really like this one. It includes body resistance exercises such as push ups, there's weights to build that muscle and it will really get your heart beating.Designed to give you a better body in just 8 weeks. It's really varied which I also like. This is good as it works all areas of the body and it keeps your body guessing what's coming next. It include elements from pilates, kickboxing, toning and cardio.


A really good example of the video to show you exactly what you'll be getting.

This is my personal favorite!

Tracey Anderson Method - Post Pregnancy Workout DVD

The Tracy Anderson Method Presents Post-Pregnancy Workout DVD
The Tracy Anderson Method Presents Post-Pregnancy Workout DVD

Tracey Anderson is a personal trainer who has worked with celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow Jennifer Lopez, Courteney Cox and Kristin Davis.The workout is designed with new moms in mind and it especially focuses on regaining your abdominal strength and helping the skin on your stomach adhere to your muscleagain. There's lots of abs with this one and she uses 3lb weights. The workout is about 45 minutes long so one to do when baby is napping or sleeping.This DVD really does focus on your abs and getting them back after pregnancy. it may be a good choice for you.


This segment gives you an idea if the Tracy Anderson workout is for you.

More Tips for Fitting In Working Out For Busy Moms

I know how hard it is to fit in a workout, with a new baby. Here are ways that I do it:

Do short workouts more often - You don't have to do long workouts. Do quick 15 minute workout short and often. It's a lot easier to fit in a 15 minute workout most days then finding an hour.

Get together with a friend - If you have friends with kids see if you can take it in turns to workout while the other one watches the children.

Make it a habit - Fit in your workout without even thinking about it by making it a daily habit. Maybe you can do 15 minutes everyday before your baby's bathtime when your partner gets home to watch him or her. If you have to make a decision when to do it, then you are less likely to fit it in.

The Perfect Postnatal Workout

The Perfect Postnatal Workout
The Perfect Postnatal Workout

A postnatal workout which includes you and your baby.For many women, its suitable to start a few weeks after giving birth (although check with your doctor first).The biggest advantage with the DVD is you can do it at home with your baby - you don't even need to sort out childcare. Also it will get harder as your baby gets bigger and there's more to lift. So you can start gently with a small baby to start off with and increase the intensity of the workout as your baby grows.


More Workouts You Can Do With Your Baby

The hardest thing about doing exercises when you're a new mom is fitting it in with the demands of your baby.

These DVDs below include the baby in the workout so are good choices when you can't get childcare or can't fit it into to your busy schedule when baby is napping.

Belly Beautiful Workout Postnatal/ Post Pregnancy

Belly Beautiful Workout Postnatal/ Post Pregnancy
Belly Beautiful Workout Postnatal/ Post Pregnancy

You do need a yoga ball and exercise bands for this video. It includes a workout you can do with your baby and a 15 minute workout when you're short on time. It's designed to strengthen and stretch your body and also teaches you how to correctly reshape your abdominal wall and address pelvic floor work . The workout contains modifications and variations to suit all moms too. . .


Postnatal Rescue with Erin O' Brien

Postnatal Rescue
Postnatal Rescue

I haven't actually done this workout but I did her pregnancy workout which I enjoyed. Reviews on suggest this is a good workout for early postnatal weeks.It's designed to ease you back into exercise.The best thing about this workout is that you only do 15 minutes a day to work on your your back, abdominals, buttocks, inner thighs, and hips. And this can easily fit into a baby's naptime too.


30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred
Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred

I don't think you could include a fitness DVD list without including 30 day shred by Jillian Micheals.Now obviously this isn't designed to be a postnatal workout so I would recommend to consult with your healthcare professional before doing this workout to make sure you're recovered enough from the birth to participate.But this DVD done regularly will definitely help you get back into shape.Jillian guides you through her exclusive 3-2-1 Interval System that combines strength, cardio and abs to blast through calories for a dramatic 30 day shred. The program includes three complete 20-minute workouts which progress by level of intensity. Start with Level 1 and advance through Level 3.


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