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Best Small Cordless Kettles for the Elderly

Updated on November 21, 2017

7 Tips to Selecting the Best Small Cordless Kettle

It is important to think about the safety features when selecting these types of kitchen appliances.

The first feature to consider when looking for a pot is the weight. If it is too heavy it can be an extreme hazard, for obvious reason, if it is picked up and the person loses control, they could potential get scalded.

With this in mind, keep an eye out for cordless kettles that are about 7 to 8 cups or smaller.

Best safety features in a kettle for seniors.

1. One safety feature is the automatic shut off. The kettle will automatically shut itself off in the event it is accidentally left on and with auto off the water can not boil out dry.

2. Look for concealed heating elements. When the heating element is concealed this means that it is not exposed. In this types of products the heating element is under the pot, covered. This are sometimes called cool to touch or cool touch.

When electricity is turned on the elements begin to heat inside the base, this is what causes the pot to boil the water.

An example of an exposed heating elements are toasters. When you push the toaster down and look in it, you can see the elements turning red and heating up, those are exposed elements.

3. A sturdy base is important in your selection to have an appliance with a firm base. The base is the component that holds the heating element.

For safety reason, a covered base that is sure footed enough to hold the pot in place, and should have a non skid bottom. The base should not move freely. Another plus about using these smaller kettles is they can be moved or stored, because they are not too heavy, but still are strong enough to with stand daily use.

4. A drip free spout. Nothing worse than being splattered by hot liquid. Even the most careful pour can spill. So a drip free spout can reduce the chance of splashing.

5. A small electric kettle. A compact size will ensure the weight stays low. Those large 12 cup makers can get heavy when filled with water.

6. A stay cool handle. The handle needs to be insulated and properly manufactured to not get hot.

7. And most importantly the weight.

All of these special features will help the elderly in the kitchen.

Images courtesy of Amazon

Chef's Choice 673 Cordless Compact Electric Kettle
Chef's Choice 673 Cordless Compact Electric Kettle

This cordless electric kettle offers a one (1) quart water capacity which is the prefect size for heating teas, coffee or instant oatmeal.

The one was not so heavy that it can not be picked up and has all of the safety features we were looking for, such as.

Automatic shut off when water boils.

A secure but easy to use safety locking lid.

A cool to the touch bottom.

When I was researching my options, I looked at several manufactures. When I compared Chef’s Choice I could easily see the advantages and disadvantage. For me the weight was most important, and I could easily see the difference. I had some concerns for the compact size and was looking for something that could fit underneath the kitchen cabinets and could be pulled easily into reach when needed, but tucked out of the way when not in use.


Comparison Chart Small Vs Traditional Pots

(click column header to sort results)
Style Number  
Water Capacity  
Chef's Choice 673
2 Pounds
1 Quart
Chef's Choice 677
3.1 Pounds
1 3/4 Quarts
Chef's Choice 677SSG
6 Pounds
1 3/4 Quarts

BPA Free Mini Plastic Kettles

What is BPA? BPA is a chemical used to produce plastic materials. When the plastic is heated, the chemical may seep into the foods or liquids. This is important to know, if you are considering a plastic pot.

Why choose a plastic kettle? Well, for the obvious reason it will be lighter than the stainless steel ones. The qualities you should look for when considering a plastic kettle.

The interior of the pot, where the water is boiled, should be stainless steel. No plastic should come into contact with the water. Read the label, it should state whether or not it is BPA free. If it doesn't say, buyer beware.

BPA Free

Bodum BISTRO Water Kettle, Electric Water Kettle, White, 17 Ounce
Bodum BISTRO Water Kettle, Electric Water Kettle, White, 17 Ounce

This was my favorite plastic kettle. It is light weight about 2 pounds and compact enough to sit on the counter and not be in the way. For fun it does come in more colors than white, if you are interested in a red or black slick look.

It has all the safety features I look for

- Cordless

-Automatic Shut Off

-Fast, boils water in just a few minutes

And most importantly it was made from BPA free plastic.


Issues With Whistling Kettles

Another common issue that you might face, is the whistling of old fashion on the stove kettles may not be loud enough to hear. This kettles with auto shut off can help with this problem also. Although you will not get the whistle!

And you may have to retrain yourself, if you are use to waiting for the sound of the kettle to tell you it's done, but it is a safer alternative.

Whistling Tea Kettles
Whistling Tea Kettles | Source

Monitor Water Usage

Sometimes it is necessary to monitor how much liquid a person is using. There are pots with water gauges on the side, see photo above or electric kettles that are made of glass.

A smaller glass kettle is convenient to check the water levels especially if you are concerned about dehydration.

Features of Some Cordless Compact Electric Kettle

Water Level Gauge
Water Level Gauge

Easy To Make Soup Recipe

This is a great recipe to make in bulk and store in the fridge. Easy to make soup, just add hot water.

Also it is easy to adjust..

If you want it thicker, add more dried potatoes. If you like it creamier, add more powdered milk.

The salt level can be adjusted either with the salt or the chicken bouillon.


  • 2 Cups Dried Potato Buds or Flakes

  • 1 1/2 Cups Powdered Milk

  • 2 Cubes Chicken Bouillon - Crushed. I usually just put in a ziploc baggie and hit with a heavy glass and break apart the cubes. Or you can use 2 teaspoons instant chicken bouillon granules.

  • Salt and Pepper to Taste

Stir all dry ingredients together and store in the refrigerator.


  1. Combine equal parts dry soup mix with boiling water. 1 cup dry soup to 1 cup hot water.

  2. Allow potato to absorb moisture and cubes to dissolve.

  3. Add more water if too thick.

Tip: Mix it up by changing the bouillon with other flavors beef, pork or vegetable to add variety.

Oatmeal Recipes

Banana Oatmeal


  • 1⁄3 cup quick cook oatmeal

  • Pinch of salt (optional)

  • 3⁄4 cups hot water

  • 1⁄2 sliced banana


Put the oatmeal in a coffee cup or a heat resistant bowl, add a dash of salt if desired. Stir in hot water, add a little more if you like a thinner consistency. Let sit until soft, not more than five minutes and top with sliced bananas

Oatmeal can also be topped with yogurt to pump up it’s protein power.

Stainless Steel Cool To Touch Electric Kettle

Black is in for a cordless electric kettle. Looks great out on the kitchen counter top. Safety features include...

Automatic shut off.

Concealed heating element.

Drip free pour spout.

Plus a warranty.

Eurolux Stainless steel, Cool Touch Electric Kettle, 6 Programmable Temperature Settings, Digital LED Display, Keep Warm Function, ETL Approved for Total Safety
Eurolux Stainless steel, Cool Touch Electric Kettle, 6 Programmable Temperature Settings, Digital LED Display, Keep Warm Function, ETL Approved for Total Safety

Nice slick features brighten up any counter. Faster boiler with safety features such as drip free spout, cool handle and auto shut off.

If you are going to be making soups, oatmeal's and teas the temperature setting features is handy. Although slightly heavier than some of the other kettles I have researched, it is by no means large. Plus many more bells and whistles with the programming.


How to use the Cordless Kettles - Video

This kettle is a little large , but it is a good example of the operations.

Other Utensils for Aging Adults

Many times a few good grips utensils can help aging adults remain on their own. These appliances and utensils can also help add in nutrition.

Easy Grip Silverware and Utensils

Other appliances that help maintain safety in the kitchen for seniors are easy grip utensils such as knives.

Plus easy grip silverware helps many older people maintain their independence longer.

These type of products are made from a softer feeling plastic type material, which gives the item a firmer comfortable grasp.

These Measuring Cups Below Are One Of My Favorites!

Make it extremely easy to measure liquids or dries soups.

Easy Grip Friendly Measuring Cups

Senior Nutrition Tips

Proper nutrition is important not only for health but for disease prevention, or disease control. Diet and exercise should always be discussed with your health care provider but we will provide a few guidelines on healthy eating in general.

Basic meals through the week should include

  • Protein - Protein from meats, eggs and beans.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables - This can be a challenge for some seniors that purchase the fruits and veggies and they go spoil before they can finish them. Buy small quantities of fresh items, then make an effort to work them into the meals. Like added the banana to our kettle oatmeal recipe above.

  • Dairy -Cheese, milk and ice cream.

  • Grains - Whole grain breads or hot or cold cereals keep for a long time and are easy to prepare and eat.

  • Water and more water. Seniors often get dehydrated so be sure to keep a glass of water handy and drink up!

Senior Nutrition Tips - Video

Kitchen Safety For Everyone

Kitchen safety is important for all households, but seniors can have special needs.

Look for other auto shut off appliances, such as toaster ovens and coffee pots.

The electric teapot with shut off is a perfect example.

Have a working smoke detector in the kitchen, I know many folks don’t care for the detector in the kitchen because it goes off when cooking,but with a proper ventilation fan it should be o.k.

Make sure there is a fire extinguisher, and that the occupants know how to use it, AND make sure it is light enough they can use it.

Secure all rugs to the floor.

Change out lighting to make the kitchen are bright and well light.

Many senior centers or senior groups offer safety checks at your home, check with your local community to see if you can locate such a program.

What to cook with the Cordless Kettles?

See results

Best Small Cordless Kettle for Elderly

Review - Find out what features to look for when purchasing a hot tea kettle for senior family or friends.

Simple Solutions

There are many simple solutions to help seniors maintain their independence, so they can continue to live alone.

Many solutions like making meal preparation easier, keeping the home safe and the many new modern appliances, cell phones, volume control devices and more.

Hopefully you find some of my suggestions helpful, and please do leave a comment!

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    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 4 years ago

      These are very cute.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      All good choices. I like the ones that heat up, then keep water hot for tea throughout the day. Otherwise, heating water and putting it in a thermos with a spout is okay too.

    • justramblin profile image

      justramblin 4 years ago

      love the electric kettles with automatic turn off function. great for forgetful folks. didn't know they come cordless now. how neat.

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      Takkhis 4 years ago

      It is a good product!

    • tonybonura profile image

      Tony Bonura 4 years ago from Tickfaw, Louisiana

      I had not heard of these before. The only kind of "cordless" kettle I knew of was the ones you put on the burner of the stove to heat up water.TonyB

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      I never have. I've seen them on BBC shows and they look intriguing!