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best supplements review

Updated on June 24, 2010

Supplements for a healthy you

Dont be confused by the endless shelves of supplements. Read here to understand which supplements are needed
Dont be confused by the endless shelves of supplements. Read here to understand which supplements are needed

Supplements Review

 What are the best supplements to take ?

Below, you are going to find a list of the different types of supplements on the market that are safe in most cases to take on a regular basis once a dietician and general practitioner has informed you of your current health status so that you have a starting point to work form.

Basic supplements or really there to fill a void or deficiency in your dietary intake as in most cases the body relies on a recommended daily allowance or RDA as it is shown on most packaging of food products. The supplements pick up the shortfalls not consumed. Multivitamins covers a wide range of vitamin deficiencies, but not necessarily all that your bodiy needs. Therefore a supplement catering for your needs is essential.

Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss supplements are often known as dietary or nutritional supplements.

Now I am not going to go to in depth into these as they are numerous reasons for their consumption chosen by all sorts of folks.

The supplement is designed in most cases to function as a fat uptake preventative/inhibitor and focusses on not dissolving fat. The meals consumed are either broken down by the supplement and blocked from entering the blood stream or the metabolic rate is sped up to counter the absorption rate of the fats into the body. The body is then able to draw on existing fat reserves for its energy consumption, thus reducing the fats in the body and leaving the result of weight loss.

The other dietary supplements create a sense of fullness and lack of apetite which prevents hunger.
It is always wise to utilise a weight loss supplement to accompany a fitness regimen so that the unneeded fats are burnt off as energy and the supplements compliment the metabolism and eating plan suggested.

Herbal Supplements

What are herbal supplements ?

Herbal supplements are sometimes engineered in a profeessional science laboratory and sometimes in a makeshift home laboratory. The reason for this is that herbal supplements are based on the selected combination or replacement of ingredients used or believed to hold certain medicinal elements.

The use of herbal supplements and medicine is not a new concept as it has been around since the beginning of time. The introduction of herbal supplements to the general market has it more accessible to those choosing to safeguard themselves against any possible side effects or problems not encountered by the food and drug administration trials. I'm not saying that either is better than the other, but I am saying that there are now choices for alternative supplements.

Protein Supplements

What are protein supplements for ?

You often here bodybuilders saying that they swear by their protein shakes for muscle building. This is incorrect. The function of the protein in body is to repair the elasticity undergone by the movement of muscles and blood vessels and parts effected by changes in blood pressure. The bodies ability to repair these expansions and stretched tissues is an employment of amino acids which are roughly 800 in total found in various proteins. The growth of these muscles are due to the exertion imposed on the muscles and the muscles  tissue ability to remember the exertion point whereby it will remain at that level unitl needed again. This seen as muscle growth and deterioration is noticed when the muscle is not needed to maintain that expected level of exersion.

Protein supplements are needed therefore in cases whereby the body does not have access to the essential amino acids usually ingested in meat products. Thus vegetarians benefit the most form protein supplements as well as older people who are less likely to have muscle repairing abilities at peak production due to the age of the elasticity in the muscle tissue. 

Vitamin Supplements

The are thirteen basic vitamins that can be encompassed into a daliy vitamin supplement. The easiest way to understand the function of the vitamin is that they are the food of the cells and organisms running ones' body. The cells then produce the enzymes necessary for cell growth and the immune system to function 100%. So in other words, the vitamins are needed to maintain a good immune sytem and healthy body. The body can only absorb what vitamins it needs on a daily basis and any extra is disposed of. So rather stick to a daily recommended vitamin supplement for all you need.

Calcium Supplements

Why choose Calcium supplements?

Calcium is the mojor elemental makeup of bone structure and density for your entire life. It needs looking after. People with osteoperosis or bone diseases in their families are often advised from a young age to maintain high levels of calcium in their diets to ensure that their bones never want for calcium creating a deficiency. Some folks can not drink dairy products and need an alternative to just having milk. There is a RDA in milk, but calcium supplements are readily available for those with lactose tolerance issues.

Fibre Supplements

Fibre supplements are necessary in the body in order to break down food in the gastro intestinal tract. Those suffering from Gastro intestinal issues and higher cholesterol issues are often suggested to consider and additional fibre supplement as in most cases, the the recommended daily intake in food products is only roughly 50% of what is necessary.

Just as cereals are an alternative breakfast fibre,they are not always consumed by most folk and are limited in most food groups.

Magnesium Supplements

Why use Magensium Supplements?

Of all the Magensium content in the body, half is found in the make up of the bones density structure and is essential in the prevention of arthritus and osteoperosis.The other half of the bodies magensium content is found in the cell tissue and vital organs and is repsonsible for a large number of biochemical reactions in the body necessary for regular heart function and is an active compound for continual regulation of blood pressure and blood sugar levels in the body.


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