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Best Thermometer for Infants, Babies and Kids

Updated on October 16, 2014

Looking for a great thermometer for kids?

If you're looking for the best thermometer for your infants, babies or kids, you're in the right place. Taking temperature is one of the most common ways to diagnose illness, especially in infants, because they can't tell you if somethings wrong with them and what it specifically is.

In the 80's and 90's mercury thermometers (like in the image on the left) were the golden standard, but those days are gone. They're now considered unsafe, because it's pretty easy to break them and mercury is a poisonous substance. Nowadays, digital thermometers are considered the best and most accurate ones.

Choosing a thermometer

When choosing a thermometer for infants, babies or kids, there are few things worth considering. The first thing you need to know is that when it comes to infants, rectal temperature is considered the most accurate. If you're looking for a thermometer for a newborn or infant, and you don't need one that'll be a great fit for all your family members, choose a rectal thermometer. Taking rectal temperature might seem a little difficult at first, because many parents are afraid they're going to hurt their child. In fact, it's not that difficult - I've added a "how to" video later in the article.

Of course you might not be comfortable with using a rectal thermometer, or you might be looking for a thermometer for older babies, or family use. If that's the case, you have a variety of products available - ear thermometers, oral thermometers, temporal artery thermometers or even non-contact ones. Please note that when it comes to contact thermometers (especially oral and ear ones), one often needs to disinfect or change the tip before the device can be used again. That's because of contamination risk.

One more tip when it comes to measuring infants' temperature - don't make a big deal out of this procedure to the child. Let them know it's a perfectly normal procedure, so they won't freak out and panic when you'll do it next time. You can even measure their temperature from time to time with no apparent reason and treat it like a fun game, so your baby will be used to this.

Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer
Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer

Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer

Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer is a rectal use only thermometer for newborns and infants to age 3. It's very easy to use - you just need to put some vaseline on the tip and you're ready to go. You get an accurate reading within 10 seconds. Also, it's a safe thermometer due to its shape - you cannot push it too far. If you're looking for a rectal thermometer for an infant, it's a great choice.

Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer
Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer

Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer With Exactemp Technology

Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer is thermometer that features a pre-warmed tip. The device's light flashes during the measuring process and beeps once the measurement is taken. It also signals when its tip isn't properly inserted into the ear canal. You get an accurate reading within a couple of seconds.

There are few things about this thermometer you should know. The device uses replaceable lens filters. Manufacturer recommends that one should use a new, clean filter for each measurement. They're to protect the tip, ensure accurate reading and eliminate the risk of spreading germs. It's a great feature if you'd like take a few quick temperature readings for all your children - you just change the filter and you're ready for another reading. There's one thing you need to remember - if you'll buy this thermometer, you'll need to buy new filters on a regular basis (depending on how quickly you'll use them). Take that cost into account. If that's fine for you, this device is a great choice. If not, choose another one.

2 in 1 Professional Clinical RY230 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer
2 in 1 Professional Clinical RY230 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

2 in 1 Professional Clinical RY230 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

This SantaMedical's Thermometer is a non-contact thermometer. It's easy to use - you're taking the temperature of areas on the face such as the forehead or tear ducts. It gives you a body temperature reading within a second and it's given with 0.3 degree accuracy. Since the reading is presented on a back-lit LCD screen, it's easy to read it even in total darkness.

What's great about this thermometer is that you can take multiple readings of few people without disinfecting the tip each time - it saves time when you need to check body temperature of a few people/children. Also, since it's a non invasive method of measuring the temperature, you can do it while your baby is sleeping without waking them up. It has the memory to store 32 temperature readings, but that's a feature only a handful of people really use.

Checking baby's rectal temperature - Video

Find thermometers for kids on Amazon - Have a look at these, or browse using the search button.

Do you have a thermometer for kids?

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