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Best Treadmill Desk

Updated on December 4, 2013

Find the top treadmill desk and learn to get fit while still being productive

Want to find the best treadmill desk? You have come to the right place.

"I am too busy to work out"

Have you heard that excuse? I know I have, not only that, but I have used it more than once.

When you lead a busy life it seems that one of the things that often gets pushed away is one of the most important. Taking care of ourselves.

We do not have to be musclebound gym rats, but it is important to be fit and keep yourself in decent shape. Not only does it make you feel better, live longer and be happier; it also actually helps you to be more productive.

A nice set of reasons to workout there. Yet people still push fitness aside because they are, "too busy".

For people who head a hectic life, want to improve fitness, but just cannot seem to find the time to get in a daily workout routine, I feel combining some light exercise into their daily routine may be the perfect answer.

In my opinion this means something like one of these treadmill desks

**Image Credit: TrekDesk Amazon

Top Walking and Working Desk - Top Rated: LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Desktop Treadmill

Top Lifespan Walking Desk
Top Lifespan Walking Desk

This is the desk I have at home. It is the best productivity/walking desk I discovered after a bit of research.

This desk is simply a productivity dream. I love the working surface. It is perfect. You can walk, take, calls, check email and get things done while you stroll at a nice leisurely pace.

This is the perfect desk to walk and get work done. Can you jog with this? Sure. It has the capability, but lets be honest, if you can run and work on tasks on a computer, you are a much better multi-tasker and more coordinated than I am.

But you do not need to run. A couple hours walking at a slow pace on this, while working on your daily projects and you will burn a lot more calories and get a far better exercise than you would in an intense 30 minute run.

This machine is all about a long slow increase in metabolism. The perfect way to get fit in my opinion.

This is the Cadillac of treadmill desks. It is sturdy and reliable, and comes complete with both the treadmill portion and the desk portion.

A great tool for a healthy living and a daily fitness regime

This desk has been very highly rated by a lot more than just me PC magazine named it the best treadmill desk, to just name a one of the accolades.

===>> Find out more about this Walking/Treadmill Desk!

Benefits of Walking
Benefits of Walking

Why Walking is Important

You don't have to run for miles or spend hours in the gym to get fit

Walking is one of the best ways to get fit. Walking for extended periods of time raises your heart-rate slightly and raises your metabolism. It can help condition and make you fit.

The problem is that walking from your car to the doughnut shop is not the type of walking we are talking about. You don't need to walk far, but walking for longer periods of time can give you better results.

Who has time for hours spent walking, though?

As you can see from the colorful picture I places to the right, there are a lot of benefits of walking daily. Of course, there are the usual suspects, like health, calories burned and increased fitness. But it goes deeper than that. Walking and other long slow aerobic fitness have a great effect one more aspects of health and healthy living than you might expects at first glance. Not only that, but it can be a key to mental fitness and alertness.

I know I get some of my best ideas when I am working and walking. Maybe there is something about the movement that spurs my creative juices. Not sure if it works for everyone, but walking certainly kicks my creativity into hyper-drive. In fact, I put together all the pictures on this page while walking and working.

TrekDesk- A great Treadmill "Addon" Desk - Have a Treadmill at home or at work already? Check out this option.

TrekDesk Addon Treadmill Desk for home gyms
TrekDesk Addon Treadmill Desk for home gyms

If you already own a treadmill, chances are that you will not want to get a new treadmill designed from ground up to be used as both a productivity workstation and a treadmill.

I know I wouldn't want to.

That is what makes this option a pretty cool one. This desk is pretty fancy, it is strong and durable, but it is also something that is an addition to an existing desk, rather than a entire unit. It adjusts to the size and dimensions of your existing treadmill. A pretty nifty add-on to enable you to work and walk.

A Guide to Walking - Get some more info vis-a-vis walking and fitness

Walking is a skill. It is perishable. If you are in pretty bad shape, you may not be able to do more than a few minutes of walking.

That is fine.

It is a skill that can be built and increased, and like I said earlier, it is has huge health benefits.

If you are not up to speed enough for an hour plus walking each and everyday, you may not want to spend the dough on a treadmill desk right now, until you build up your stamina.

This book is a great one for the how and why of building a daily walking habit.

10,000 Steps Blueprint - The Daily Walking Habit for Healthy Weight Loss and Lifelong Fitness
10,000 Steps Blueprint - The Daily Walking Habit for Healthy Weight Loss and Lifelong Fitness

Filled with all the reason's "why" you need to build a daily walking habit. But it is much more than that.

This book also gives solid tips on how to get the most from your walking. Some things you can get to help you and even advanced tips once 10,000 steps a day (a good minimum) is reached.

This might be the perfect book to turn a couch potato into a walking spud


Folding Walking Workstation Treadmill - A Space Saving Treadmill Option

Folding Workstation Treadmill Walking Desk
Folding Workstation Treadmill Walking Desk

This desk really has two big things going for it.

1. It is a bit less expensive than the Lifespan TR120 Walking Desk. It is not quite as well reviewed, but it is not poorly reviewed either. I do not own one myself, so I cannot give you a personal review, but from what I have read while researching this productivity walk-station, it seems to be pretty well liked and a very reasonable alternative.

2. This walking workstation folds Really! What will they think of next. No difficult construction and deconstruction. It seems pretty simple to fold up, and then unfold, use it for a while and fold it back up. This makes it a great addition for any office or home.

The ease of space saving almost makes me wish I had gone with this option.

What if you can't afford a full sized treadmill desk?

Let's face it. These productivity/walking desks are not cheap. It is my opinion they are worth it, but they are not something that is easy to try on for size without a second thought.

Worried about the cost? Worry not. Below is another option.

Adjustable tablet/laptop shelf for elliptical/bike/treadmill - Introducing the SurfShelf

Affordable Laptop Fitness Workstation -Surf Shelf
Affordable Laptop Fitness Workstation -Surf Shelf

The surfshelf is a pretty cool toy. I used one when I went to the gym, until I bough my own treadmill desk.

I will not say it is as good as a full sized desk, but hey -you can't beat the price in comparision to a full treadmill.

Here is how it works. It can expand out and in and has a whole bunch of straps. It is a little confusing at first, because it is made to connect to any device. It took me about 10 minutes of playing with it the first time I tried to connect it. But once I got used to it, it can be done in less than a minute.

Once the shelf is attached to the machine of your choice, you then simple attach your tablet or laptop to the device, for secure surfing while you exercise.

Like I said, this is not even close to as easy to use as the full workstation, but it is passable. I used to use this to watch TV, do some light internet surfing, and even pay bills online while working out. Not too shabby.

It is small and easily fits in any bag, so it is a cool tool to take to your gym, or home machine. Not perfect, but not bad at all. I think you will enjoy it.

Do you get aerobic activity for at least 30 minutes every day?

See results

Do you have one of these desks?

Something similar? Something better?

Do you want one? Are you getting one?

Have any recommendations?

Share your thoughts in the comments below...

Let me know what YOU think - Share your thoughts on fitness, walking, these desks or anything else

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    • BrianRS profile image

      Brian Stephens 

      4 years ago from France

      I have a dog and he has to go out for a walk every day, come rain or shine. Makes me go for a walk even on days I don't feel like it, but I always enjoy it once I am out.


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