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best treatment for alcoholism

Updated on July 16, 2011

Alcoholism is treatable and there are some drugs that can be used to treat it even though it has no cure. The work of those drugs is to help reduce alcohol cravings.

The treatment programs for alcoholics are geared towards helping them to quit alcohol and live a sober life.

However, it is not advisable for an alcoholic to be pressured into alcoholic treatment either by social pressure or to stop drinking completely by circumstances. This treatment approach can rarely bring success in the long run.

Alcoholism tends to make someone to experience some levels of withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking. These symptoms may range from mild shakes and discomfort to life, threatening delirium tremors as well as confusion and hallucinations. Other symptoms are convulsion, autonomic instability and even death. Chronic drinkers should sick medical assistance when they decide to deal with alcoholism.

Ways of dealing with alcoholism include the following:

(1) Detoxification treatment. This involves abstinence from alcohol in a loose and controlled environment, monitoring the vital signs and withdrawal symptoms. Detoxification takes four to seven days to be done and needs sedating medications to help prevent shaking, confusion and hallucination. It is done at an in patient treatment center or at a hospital. Detox treatment drugs includes: Administering drugs such as Valium, Librium, Ativan and serax,

Get Support.

Getting support is essential when you want to take alcohol treatment. It is easier to recover from alcohol addiction when you have people to lean on for encouragement, comfort and guidance.You can also get support from family members, friends, counselors, people who are recovering from alcoholism ,health care providers and faith community.

Additionally, you can build a sober social network where you can interact with some new people who are not into drinking. Having new and sober friends around you will help your recover fast. It may be wise to consider taking a class, joining a church or a group volunteering or attending events in your community.

Establishing a treatment Plan

. The treatment plan include abuse specialist as well as goal setting, behavior medication techniques,, use of self help manuals, counseling and follow up care at a treatment center


Disulfiram (Antabuse), an alcohol sensitizing drug, may help prevent you from drinking. Neither can the drug cure alcoholism nor can it remove the compulsion to drink. But the drug produces a physical reaction that include flushing nausea, vomiting and headaches if you drink alcohol. Other drugs that may help reduce alcohol cravings are Naltrexone(Re via) and Acamprostate. Naltrexone is known to block the good feelings alcohol causes, reducing the urge to drink while Acamprostate (campral) May help to combat alcohol cravings. The advantage of Acamprostate and Naltrexone is that these drugs don’t make you feel sick after taking a drink

Injected Medication

People having alcohol dependence can receive vivitrol, a version of naltrexone drug injection. Health-care professionals administer this drug once a month.Similarly,medication such as vivitrol can be taken in pill form.However, the inject able version of the drug may be easier for people who are recovering from alcohol dependence to use consistently.

Dealing with psychological/ medical problem


You may need to deal with some mental and medical health disorders that are associated with alcoholism. Such mental health problem as depression, anxiety need psychological counseling (psychotherapy) and common medical disorder related to alcoholism such as high blood pressure, increased blood sugar, liver disease and heart disiease require medical treatment


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