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TRX training

Updated on May 16, 2013

Back to Basics

Suspension training systems are simple. Often, like the TRX training system, it comprises two straps anchored to a single point. The concepts of the suspension training exercises are also equally simple, typically involving no more than your own bodyweight and the level of difficulty adjusted based on the angle of your body to the ground or to the anchor point. Other than the TRX Suspension Trainer, there are other variations in the market, such as the Sling Trainer or the CoreCore.

TRX Exercises are Limited by Your Creativity

Suspension training on the TRX Suspension Trainer, in general, incorporates strength or resistance training as well as core training using body weight. For added resistance, it is not uncommon to use additional weights or merge suspension training exercises together with Kettlebell exercises. The flexibility and cardio training elements can also be incorporated into suspension training regime.

The terms “balance”, “stability” and “core” are synonymous with the TRX suspension training system. Regardless of the types of exercises that you do with the TRX Suspension Trainer, because of the de-stabilisation factor inherent in the suspension trainer, you will find yourself engaging your “core” muscles to stabilise and balance your body. And because it is simply only two nylon straps, you get to explore the fullest range of movement in all exercises. The possible exercises with the number of variables then become endless.

TRX Suspension Trainer is Efficiently Effective for Everyone Everywhere

Some have cautioned that injury incidences are higher with the TRX Suspension Trainer due to the lack of restriction in movement. I tend to disagree. As with all types of workout or training equipment, it is best to exercise a degree of wisdom and discretion on how hard and how far you can push your body. You are your best judge of this. If an exercise is too difficult to attempt, bring the difficulty level down a notch or two. The beauty of the TRX Suspension Training System is that it allows such an adjustment.

The suspension training exercises force your body to work many muscle groups together simultaneously. Training experts will tell you that this is a far more efficient and effective way of training compared to moves that isolate certain muscles only. Simultaneously working different muscle groups together also spurs fat burn.

Finally, because the TRX Suspension Trainer is so portable, you can even bring it along with you on your business trips. I know I have, and I could work out in the comfort of my own hotel room (or at home) without worrying about gym memberships, trainer fees, or opening hours.

Simply put, underestimate the power of two nylon straps at your own loss. More tips on the TRX suspension trainer here.

Differences between the TRX kits

TRX Home

The TRX Home (which used to be called TRX Pro Pack 2) is the most basic of all the TRC suspension trainers.

The set comes with a door anchor which is suitable users to hinge their TRX training system off the top of hinge of a door. If you have a pull up bar at home, it is possible to hang the TRX training system off the bar using the TRX Suspension Anchor (which is nothing more than a strap that loops around the bar to offer a point for the carabiner of the TRX training system to hook onto). This set also comes with two 15-minute exercise videos for you to follow along. There are also other tiny knick-knacks that are nice to have.

The TRX Pro is the cheapest of all the offerings, and suitable for most individual users. It has everything a user needs to start suspension training exercises. Most users will find this option sufficient.

Note: Fitness Anywhere used to market earlier versions called TRX Home. The original TRX training system did not have a “locking” loop where the two nylon straps converged. This meant that it was difficult to even out the length of the straps. Hence, the improved version – the TRX Pro Pack 2 – was modified to include this “locking” loop. It is the closest cousin (with the exception of the adjusting buckles) to the TRX Home. Fitness Anywhere no longer sells or markets these two earlier versions, but it might still possible to purchase them through OEM manufacturers.


The TRX Pro is targeted at heavier users like for gym owners who conduct class after class of trainings on the TRX training system.

The TRX Pro is more durable compared to the TRX Home, though functionally the same. Specifically, it boasts straps that are more durable against wear and tear, pin-lockable carabiner to prevent theft, and easy to clean rubber handles (instead of the foam handles on the TRX Home that users may find more comfortable compared to the rubber ones). Other than the door anchor and TRX Suspension Anchor, the TRX Pro also comes with a TRX Xtender which allows you to loop an oversized anchor point such as a lamp post. This set is also particularly helpful for trainers/coaches who can refer to the Trainer Basic Video to learn exercise progressions and identify common faults, to better instruct their trainees.

Everything else is the same compared to TRX Home.

TRX Force Kit: Tactical

Typically, this version is marketed to and used by the US military. Most noticeable difference that makes this set stand out from the other TRX training systems is the khaki-coloured nylon straps – made to match the military outfit.

The TRX Force Kit: Tactical is said to be the most durable of the TRX training systems. (Understandably so since it needs to fit the rugged conditions under which the servicemen train in.) Whilst it does not have the theft-proof carabiner (that the TRX Pro has), the TRX Force Kit: Tactical takes on the rubber handles. Again, this is purposed for more rugged use. The set also includes a door anchor, TRX Suspension Anchor, and TRX Xtender.

Instead of a small drawstring bag that can only be carried by hand, the bigger TRX Force Mesh Running Pack can be slung on both shoulders. If you’re an individual using this set, the bigger bag could also double up to fit your water bottle and towel if you’re carrying the TRX suspension trainer elsewhere for your personal training.

Most impressive about this set is the Tactical Conditioning Program. In gist, this is a 4 day per week, 12-week exercise program. The program is split up into three phases, covering core stability, unilateral strength, and interval training. Materially, the program takes the form of a Ruggedized Force Guidebook (waterproof), two DVDs that extensively cover all the exercises (including the progressive levels of difficulty) used in the program, as well as the TRX Force Super App (now available for separate purchase for Apple and Andriod devices). You can get a glimpse of the program through the official video here.

Get your own set of TRX suspension trainers here to reap the benefits for yourself today!

Find out more about weight loss programs from other sources such as the Spot for Weight Loss Programs.

Which TRX exercise do you like most?

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