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The Best Wide Diabetic Slippers And Socks

Updated on May 15, 2015

Practice Better Foot Care By Wearing The Right Socks

Diabetics have unique needs when it comes to taking care of their feet. Many diabetic people suffer from complications of the feet which can lead to immobility and sometimes amputation.

Unfortunately one of the best ways to manage diabetes is to get active and stay active on a daily basis, for many diabetics with foot problems this is increasingly difficult and sometimes impossible to do.

Propet Cronus House Shoe (the slipper my grandmother wears around the house). The Cronus is an excellent slipper for both men and women to keep their feet protected around the home.

A Few Top Diabetic Slippers For Men & Women - Buy These Slippers For Less on Amazon

If you want to buy something that will actually help protect your feet, feel comfortable, and look good too then take a look at the following slippers. These are bestsellers for good reason. They protect the foot well, provide ample fitting adjustment, and they don't look like medical slippers. Lower on this page you'll see more options with a bit of commentary so scroll down for more options.

Diabetic What?

Funny thing is that back in 2009 I had no idea that there were such things as diabetic slippers. I had a good friend of mine who was helping his father out with diabetic foot problems but I had no idea at the time that it was so common.

My grandmother who has diabetes and is on Medicare was wearing her slippers out and she was asking for help in finding something good to replace them with. At that point I finally found out what the true needs of diabetics were.

After a lot of searching around I actually bought her a pair of Propet Cronus house shoes for Christmas and although they aren't the classic slipper they are perfect for wearing around the home.

Three years later my Grandmother still wears those shoes in the house. I (and she) highly recommend them.

Foamtreads Adjustable Diabetic Slippers
Foamtreads Adjustable Diabetic Slippers

Need Extra Wide Diabetic Slippers?

Here's What To Look For

Once you realize how important it is for you to protect your feet at all times as a diabetic you need to begin to know what to look for in a good pair of diabetic slippers so that you know which slippers or house shoes to buy. Do you really want to just find the cheapest diabetic slippers for sale? Probably not. Diabetic slippers are designed to protect the feet so paying a little bit more for a good pair is usually best.

The best diabetic slippers are going to be a little wide and probably a bit deeper than ordinary slippers. This is because the feet of diabetics often are swollen, wider, and possibly deformed in the toes and require more room to fit the foot. Additionally many diabetics with diabetic foot problems also tend to have circulation issues resulting in a decrease in blood flow to the foot. This is just one more reason why diabetic house shoes need to be a bit bigger - if they were smaller then they would make circulation in the foot even worse.

Having said that you can't just buy any old slipper which is a little bigger or wider, diabetics often have to deal with neuropathy in the feet meaning they are more susceptible to injuring their feet because they can't feel sensations that normal feet would be sensitive to. For instance irritation in the shoe may cause the average person to adjust a shoe to prevent a blister from forming, a diabetic however may not realize the irritation is present until after the blister forms.

Additionally many diabetics in the home are far more susceptible to injury then they realize. Stubbed toes on the edges of furniture can often result in cracked bones that don't heal correctly due to poor circulation or due to the person not realizing they cracked their toe. The diminished pain a diabetic may feel may cause them to not realize an injury is as significant as it really was. This is why it is so important for diabetic slippers to be quite robust in the sole. They need to protect against stubbed toes, dropped items, and from puncture wounds through the sole. Many everyday normal slippers just aren't tough enough for this which is why you need to pay a little bit more for the best diabetic slipper you can find.

Good Footwear Will Guard Your Feet - But You Still Have To Monitor Your Foot Health Regularly

Even if you do spring for quality diabetic shoes, socks, and slippers you still need to check your foot health regularly to ensure small wounds are noticed while they are fresh. Diabetics are prone to quickly worsening wounds and I know that these kids of wounds heal faster if found and treated early. This preventative maintenance is not hard and can easily be done daily. I found an excellent video by the ACP Foundation describing exactly how to examine your feet at home.

Basic Slipper Socks - For When You Don't Feel Like Wearing Shoes In The House

Slipper socks are better for your feet than going barefoot and a bit easier to wear than slippers or house shoes. I for one hate wearing shoes (or slippers) all the time but I know that going barefoot will likely result in small cuts and possibly infection. Slipper socks have little grips on the bottom so that I don't slide all over the place; they're not the coolest things to wear but they can be very handy.

Likewise they aren't going to protect your feet as well as a pair of quality wide width slippers either but for the price and level of protection they offer the value is very high. Here are a few pairs slipper socks that would be fine for people with diabetes.


These socks are great for people with extremely large feet.

Non Skid/Slip Socks - Hospital Socks - Slipper Socks for Women and Men - Black (One Size)
Non Skid/Slip Socks - Hospital Socks - Slipper Socks for Women and Men - Black (One Size)

These are my favorites of those featured on this page. They are basic black socks that fit most.

TractionSocks Non-Skid Non-Slip Organic Cotton Socks - Value Pack of Three Pair
TractionSocks Non-Skid Non-Slip Organic Cotton Socks - Value Pack of Three Pair

If you want more traction on the bottom of your socks then these are the pairs for you.


Benefits of Owning Cheap Slipper Socks

In addition to buying and wearing the best extra wide slippers in the home diabetics should also get their hands on at least a few pairs of decent but cheap diabetic slipper socks. Slipper socks are good to use around the home in lieu of house shoes because they provide traction than normal diabetic socks just don't offer. They also are easy to care for and can typically be worn inside slippers in case you like to take your slippers on and off your feet can still be protected.

Even the best pair of diabetic slipper socks are not as good for you to wear as diabetic house shoes but they are better than going barefoot. Just make sure they don't bind at the ankle and that they don't have any more seams than are necessary. Seamless diabetic socks are bar far the best style for diabetic feet.

If you need help finding some good wide diabetic slipper socks then hit up your local medical supply store or simply browse through the many slipper socks sold on the marketplace where prices are usually the best.

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A few years ago when i was doing my initial research on diabetic slippers and footwear in general I came across a few pieces of information that were invaluable to learning more about the condition and how to care for someone with diabetes.

As I said earlier, my grandmother has diabetes and she means everything to me. Make sure to read the following pieces to better understand diabetes and the tolls it puts on the body.

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What Are Your Favorite Diabetic Slippers?

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