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Best Cold Sore Products

Updated on May 18, 2010

Have you been struggling lately with embarrassing Cold sores? Not to worry as there are many products that will help you fight against a nasty cold sore. Some of the best cold sore products on the market today were designed as an effective aid to fight off infections, while keeping the cold sore area clean.

Abreva for Cold Sores

One great product to chose is Abreva. If you can’t pick up a prescription, this is a non-prescription cold sore remedy which shortens your healing time and it also has been regulated by the FDA.

Anebsol Treatment

They also have therapy ointments that are available today. One is called the Anebsol Cold Sore treatment. It contains maximum strength pain relievers that will fight against the blister itself. While protecting the area, it also moisturizes it so you are not constantly in pain from a sensation of “chapped lips”. The best cold sore products are those which contain any type of moisture to heal quickly.

Lysine Cream heals!

Quantum Super Lysine Cream is an Amino acid made from lysine. Make sure to put this cream on at the beginning of a cold sore once you start feeling tingling or notice the break out. It will cause them to disappear without having the cold sore run it’s 7 day course.


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