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Better Life - Health and Wellness

Updated on November 19, 2010

There is an endless search for ways to live a better life among all human beings, and one of the important ways to achieve this is to be healthy and fit. In this hub I'll just point to some tips that could help lead to total health and wellness if followed. It's understandable that not everyone can do all of these things, but you should do your best to make your life better in order to enjoy it as best you could.

Food: choose your menus carefully with all the right nutrition ingredients such as fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, proteins, carbohydrates, and try your best to control what you eat when you're at work or eating out. Some of the foods we eat outside are not healthy and sometimes even harmful.

Think Positively: Positive thinking and attitude help improve life quality and the immune system. It also adds joy to life, which makes it an important trait for your life in general.

Lose Weight: if you're overweight, work seriously on losing the extra pounds, follow a healthy diet plan, join a diet program, and if you feel the need to take supplements, take only natural ones.

Check your health situation: have a complete checkup to find out if you have any condition that you're not aware of, such as a high level of bad cholesterol or a beginning of a heart problem.

Balance Caffeine in your life: some studies stated that caffeine is not good, others stated the opposite, to be on the safe side just be moderate.

Sleep Well: give your body the rest it needs to start every day fresh, and some of the well known points to consider are sleeping in a quite clean room, going to bed at the same time every night (decide on a suitable time to give you enough sleeping hours), sleeping naturally without sleep aids, and watching a nice movie or reading a light book before going to sleep.

Drink Water: I know you've heard it before, but another reminder never hurts, so grab a bottle of water to hydrate your body and brain and clean your system from toxins.

Herbal Drinks: such as green tea have great benefits, try to replace some of your daily cups of coffee with green tea or other herbal drinks that you prefer.

Natural Supplements: you could be enjoying a perfect health but your energy levels are not what you need to achieve all your life's duties and dreams. If you feel the need to take supplements, go for the natural ones and check with your doctor before taking any.

Exercise: move your body in whatever way you prefer, walk, dance, swim, or go to the gem. The point of moving and exercising is to make you fit and fresh all the time.

Quit Smoking: if you smoke, no need to remind you how harmful it is, seek a "quit smoking program", use a smoking patch, or just your willpower to quit.

Take Time to Relax: relaxation and avoiding stress are sure ways to make your whole life better, do your best to make time for relaxation and avoid stress as much as you can.

Learn to laugh: "laughter is the best medicine". Heard it before, but it is true, science studies show how laughter affects the body, mind and spirit in a positive way.

Take care of your body image: a nice body image comes with a good healthy state, so try to achieve both.

Let me remind you of what I said at the beginning of this hub, these are only some tips, you might know of other tips and think they are more beneficial. The whole idea is to work on improving your health and wellness state.

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